6 Best Places to Visit on Miami - Key West Road Trip

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
150-miles of pure madness! The road trip from Miami To Key West is one of your greatest road trips in America. While travelling through the 4-hour drive, you can experience many unique things, thus making it a classic American road trip.
Here are few places which you can visit while on this incredible road trip:

1. Relax at Marathon Key


Source: Antoine Gady/ Flickr

The road trip from Miami to Key West is one of those enriching experiences because of the places it offers on its way. Marathon is the 10-mile long island community which is known for its biodiversity. It is also one of the iconic places in the Florida Keys and a must visit place for those who want to have a laid-back road trip. If you have a lot of time, then plan a road trip in the span of two days so that you can witness the beauty of Marathon Key.
Stay back and relax near the dazzling blue ocean in some warm sun. You can book a room in some luxurious resorts just to make your trip, comfortable. You can also relish on some fresh fish which is caught locally.
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2. Take a stroll at Seven Mile Bridge


Source: Allen McGregor/ Flickr

Another iconic structure, Seven Mile Bridge was built in 1912 and is known to be one of the most beautiful bridges in America. You can park your car at the northern end. Take a stroll or cycle all your way over the vibrant blue ocean. Truly, an unforgettable experience!
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3. Try out some water recreational activities


Source: Fort Zachary Taylor

Turn your dream of being a sailor into reality by visiting Florida States Park, which happens to be Florida's most popular recreation. The park also gives you some lessons about sailing with some practical training, thus making your road trip, a learning experience.
You can also swim with fishes, turtles and what not by snorkeling all your way to the coral reefs. For the best snorkeling experience, visit Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.
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4. Witness sunset at Mallory Square:


Source: Ed Schipul/ Flickr Mallory

If you are going on a road trip with your partner, then witnessing the enigmatic sunset at Mallory Square is the most romantic thing you can do. In addition to breathtaking locales, the place also has some lively restaurants, lavish hotels, and vibrant shopping centres. You can make the most of your road trip by visiting this happening place on the Miami-Key West Road.
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5. Try some lime pie at Key Lime Pie Co


Source: Wikimedia

If you have a sweet tooth, then head straight away to Key Lime Pie Co which will offer you handmade pies and bars. The shop's 100-year-old recipe makes it so unique and thus leaves you wanting for more. Truly a spot you must visit!
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6. Or relish some local cuisine!


Source: Wikimedia

A road trip from Miami to Key West can also turn into a delicious adventure. If you have a fetish for food, then there are plenty of restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. After the tiresome drive, grab a meal at Lazy Days restaurant which is one of the most laid back restaurants serving the best seafood. You can also visit Pepe’s Cafe, an old restaurant known for its pan-fried mashed potato or Seven Fish for its mind blowing sushi. (Oh! I’m drooling!)
Hence, if you are planning a road trip from Miami to Key West, make sure you have ample of time, money, and the enthusiasm to enjoy what the incredible journey has in store for you! 
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