15 Hilarious Misconceptions About Indians

By Bhoomi Shah on Jan 29, 2019
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India is an exotic and colourful place. We are a country of over 1.2 billion people. India is huge, and even more hugely diverse. But somehow foreigners just don't get that. The stereotypes that the world believes about us sometimes make us angry, but mostly make us laugh. We thought we'd clear it out for the foreign folk who plan to visit. Here are some misconceptions about India that you might believe , but aren't true:

1. Its Swelteringly Hot Everywhere

It is the most common misconception about India! Not all places in India swelter and scorch under the summer sun. Look at the size of our country! How would it be possible to have only one kind of weather throughout the year? You didn't pay attention during geography class, did you?

PC: namita kumar/flickr

2. Food is Spicy in India

India is huge. Different states have different cuisines in India. While some may be on the spicier side, we've got delectable dishes to suit everyones taste! While were at it, not all dishes are curry-based either.

3. All Indians are Hindus

We have got Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Zoroastrians and even atheists. India is as diverse as they come! Oh and we all don't worship cows.

4. All Indians are Vegetarians

While vegetarian fare in our country is scrumptious to say the least, a lot of us are non-vegetarians too. Come on! We are famous for butter chicken and Hyderabadi Biryanis, aren't we?

5. All Indians Practice Only Yoga and Meditation

But looking at its health benefits, and spread of spirituality across India maybe we should!

PC: pixabay.com

6. Indians Don't Know Other Languages

We have got 122 major languages and 1599 other languages and dialects. Oh, and most of us speak impeccable English too.

PC: Wikimedia Commons

7. Indians Wobble Their Heads

Please try talking to us before you believe this! Have you tried wobbling your head to every question asked to you? It's weird and uncomfortable. Why would we do it?

PC: pixabay.com

8. Indians Dance and Sing All the Time

Bollywood would have you believe otherwise. We only truly let loose at weddings.

PC: Anuj Biyani/flickr

9. In India There Are No Rich People

It's a ginormous country and a developing one. Just like your country, we too are progressing every day. We've got all kinds of people. The rich, the not-so-rich and the poor live together.

PC: Wikimedia Commons

10. Indian are Dark-skinned

Need we explain diversity again?

11. Everyone Drinks Only Tea

We drink tea, coffee, beer, coconut water, everything! We are not restrictive in our drinking choices at all.

PC: pixabay.com

12. Elephants and Snake Charmers are Everywhere in India

While you might see them somewhere, most major cities are now elephant and snake charmer free. We have cars and bikes just like you, and our entertainment consists of more than swaying cobras. We have got Bollywood, man!

13. Indians Only wear Kurtas and Saris

We also wear jeans, skirts, dresses and jumpsuits. Visit a major city, and you'll see kurtas and saris only restricted to social functions.

PC: youtube.com

14. Indians Have Funny Accent

Our accent is neutral. It's yours that sounds funny to us. You've got it the other way around!

PC: pixabay.com

15. All Work in the IT Sector or Call Centres

How would our country be able to function if we did?

PC: Wikimedia Commons

It is definitely Incredible India. Visit India without any prejudices and see the difference. You will love to Visit India again and again.

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