Top 15 World Places Which are Mispronounced

Remember the famous dialouge of Amitabh Bachchan? "You see sir, I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, I can run English, beacause English is a very funny language". In the end, what matters is can you pronounce properly in English? I bet you think you do!

Don't believe me? how bout scrolling down to know it yourself. Expect some bubbles to burst after knowing about these 15 places across the world which you might have been mispronouncing all your life!

1. Bae, its Bey-Jing!

 2. Not Gawky at all!

 3. Sigh!

4. Tame your pronunciation!

5. Did you GET it?

6. From the epiglottis of Rizwan Khan!

7. Your pronunciation is a BANE!

8. Not BORN, but brought up!

9. Rocking the Middle East!

10. Grammar Nazi CALLing!

11. Your English speaking skills are not so MIGHTY!

12. I need to go to the LOO, like now!

13. Nooo! I won’t KISS you.

14. Booing your English skills- Left, Right and Centre!

15. Your whole life was a lie!

Most of these places are pronounced according to their respective dialects, thus making the language, even more funny! So from next time, before you brag about your crisp pronunciations, make sure you've gone through this list! 

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