8 Things You Should Seriously Avoid When Traveling As A Couple

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Sep 27, 2018
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Hitting the road with your bae and traveling the world as a couple is such fun! But a trip (no matter how well-planned it is) comes with plenty of uncertainties and unusual things and there are some mistakes that every couple makes while traveling together. It’s important that you avoid these common mistakes to save your dream vacation from turning into a nightmare. To help you prepare traveling with your partner, here is the list of mistakes that you should give a slip. 

1. Carrying everything in one suitcase

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I’m not asking to carry loads of baggage with everything you like but stuffing all the things that belong to you and your partner in one bag isn’t a smart choice. It looks lovely to keep your things together, but after some time it becomes messy. Besides, what if you lose your bag? Better carry two smaller ones with things sorted. 

2. Sticking to each other all the time

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Yeah, traveling does make a relationship stronger but not by spending each second of your waking time together! Come on guys, everyone admires a little space of their own. Giving a little room for your partner’s personal time is one of the best travel tips for couples. Have fun together, but make sure that you are not killing each other’s individuality while traveling.

3. Not booking the seats together

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No matter if you are flying for the first time or for the 100th, you would like to travel with your partner rather than a stranger. After all, sharing all the best moments of your trip is one of the most fun things for a couple to do. The wisest idea is to book your flight tickets as soon as possible, and before you move to the “purchase” button, make sure that you have chosen the seats to sit together. 

4. One person sharing all the responsibilities

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This is something I had been doing all these years - taking the carefree side and leaving everything to my husband. But finally, I realized that it’s good for nothing. One should learn to take responsibilities. From searching out the train schedules to booking hotels, share the vacation planning process with your partner. 

5. Expecting every trip to be a romantic one

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You surely like that romantic sunset over the sea, a candlelight dinner with a violin in the background, and cuddling under the stars- but not every second of your trip could be all “lovey-dovey”. Delay in flights, long queue for tickets, and bad weather can spoil the mood. So, expect less and try to enjoy even the rough time. 

6. Oversharing your personal moments

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I read it somewhere- “Live a true love story and tell no one; people ruin beautiful things”. I have seen many couples indulged in clicking selfies at almost every corner available and posting them on social media. Your love life might be a popular episode among your followers. But, do all the likes you get contribute to a stronger relationship? Get rid of your mobiles for some time and spend a quality time with your partner (without oversharing with the world). 

7. Not carrying necessary medications

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I know you are there to take care of each other while traveling as a couple, but let’s be little practical here. It’s important to label and pack your medication properly as you may not want to spoil your vacation in exploring the pharmacies. Do carry the necessary documentation for them. Besides, don’t forget to keep a packet of contraceptives as well.

8. Losing your mind over little things

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The restaurant doesn’t offer your favorite dish, the beer isn’t cold enough, you missed the bus as your partner got up late, he/she left your book in the hotel room…blah, blah, blah. Remember everything has a solution and finding it with your partner is another fun addition. You just need to control your temper especially when you are traveling with other couples. 

What do you feel is the worst mistake a couple makes while traveling? What do you do as a couple for a happy vacation? We would love to know!

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