9 Mistakes People Make While Travelling In India

By Sameer Kapoor on Jan 08, 2019
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Since time immemorial India has always been a famous tourist destination owing to its ancient civilization, culture, colourful fabrics and vivacity. Some of the cities in India are in fact the oldest ones in the human civilization. Today, however, this country stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity and thus is vulnerable to certain urban forces that have changed the picture of its tourism. While the foreigners who are completely unaware of the cultural or the social intricacies of the country, there are some of the mistakes that they should avoid while visiting here in order to make their tour better. These are some of the tips:

1. To trust the local guides for information regarding the unknown destinations

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While this country has some of the best tourist destinations whose history and other practical information is well written documented, there are some of the places that still remain obscure. Trusting the local guides for such places can ultimately leave you with flawed knowledge, money traps and regret. Avoid it and follow the standard information available.

2. Too much of packing

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India is well developed to a certain extent and most of the essentials are available everywhere in the country. Don’t pack too much. The resorts and hotels here will facilitate you the best. Even the international cuisine is available at most of the places.

3. Extremes: Not carrying cash or carrying too much

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Yes it is true that till last decade, there were some of the places where you could not have taken out cash through ATM’s but today the country has ATM’s everywhere, even in the remotest corners. The best policy however, is to carry some money and to rely on ATM to a certain extent.

4. Not to be sensitive towards the local culture

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Indians are very sensitive about their culture. Some of the temples in India restrict dresses with uncovered shoulders and short dresses. Not paying homage at the shrines can lead to frowns. It is best to be sensitive towards these cultural practices and be one with them.

5. To visit new places after dark

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It is advised to explore the unknown corners during the daytime in India. This is how you can escape from untoward behaviour and difficult situations.

6. Too much in a rush to travel from one city to another

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To get an insider’s perspective of India, explore its narrow medieval lanes, traditional markets, small villages and natural beauty. Try to spend some time at places and don’t be in a hurry to rush.

7. Too much of intoxication

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Keep a check on what you drink, how much of it and where are you drinking. This can avoid you from entering into mess and difficult situations. If you lose control, then you may become an easy target for thieves.

8. Forgetting to make a hotel reservation

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Prior hotel booking is a must. Finding accommodation during peak season can be really painful and many a time, the best places are already booked. Also, do recheck before coming.

9. Forgetting to drink sterilised water

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Make sure to drink sterilised water everywhere. This way you can avoid travel related health issues in India.

By keeping in mind some of these points, you can definitely transform your visit to India into a memorable experience.

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