Guy Who Is Mapping The World Doesn't Forget to Assure His Mom That He Is Fine!

A Mom is a Mom, no matter which part of this world you go to and which part of the world you come from. Moms care about their kids, even if the kids grow up old enough to be someone’s parents. And when it comes to slightly adventurous kids, Moms keep an extra eye on their well-being, petrified with the thought of them landing up in a problem!

So when this guy, Jonathan Quionez quit his job and set off to travel, his Mom was all worried! While he had his stint at being a hobo, Jonathan made sure his Mom was well-informed about his well-being.


He did it through his awesome pictures on Instagram.

This guy’s ‘Mom I’m fine’ photos have gone viral and if you haven’t seen them already, you should NOW!


A photo posted by Jonathan Kubben Quionez (@momimfine) on


Check out his Instagram Posts here!

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