15 Monsoon Destinations Near Delhi to Soothe Your Nerves

By Sameer Kapoor on Jun 10, 2016
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Bringing the whiff of fresh air and those unpolluted drops, monsoon certainly rings a clarion call for the glistening times ahead. The first drops of monsoon assures fun times ahead as your wanderlust gets invigorated, enough for you to go out and explore the drenched corners. Living in a metropolitan city like Delhi can be bit tiresome for your nerves and your soul. So this monsoon, make it sure that you move out of the hustle and bustle of the city and see the world as it gets a new green array of wildlife and nature. So here are some monsoon destinations near Delhi that will inspire you to pack your bags and start!

1. Okhla Bird Sanctuary - A Monsoon Paradise

Okhla Bird Sanctuary - top monsoon destination near Delhi

source: pixabay

Birds are the best friends of monsoons. They give the clarion call, look beautiful and render you a closer rendezvous with nature and wildlife. Okhla Bird Sanctuary is haven for bird lovers and those who love to capture them in their cameras. Located in the backwaters of Yamuna river, the Okhla bird sanctuary is one of the perfect monsoon getaways around Delhi. Housing more than 188 species of birds that includes migratory birds as well, this place looks all fresh and inviting during monsoons.

Distance from Delhi - 15kms

How to Reach - By car from Delhi, you can also take up metro to reach here

Monsoon Activities in Okhla Bird Sanctuary - Photography, bird watching, exploring herbs and wildlife.

2. Neemrana Fort - For a historic and pleasant experience

Image source: flickr/Archit Ratan

Near to Delhi is this reminiscent of the royal past gone by. Known for its architecture and luxury that it offers, Neemrana Fort enlivens your idea of a holiday especially during monsoons as the weather remains pretty pleasant and charming. The fort is surrounded by hills and landscapes that turn greener and thus more beautiful during monsoons. For those who are fascinated by history this is one of the popular weekend destinations near Delhi.

Distance from Delhi - 122 kms

How to Reach - By Car from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Neemrana Fort - Enjoying the luxury stay over here, exploring the surrounding nature, Zip lining, taking a drive in a vintage car.

3. Morni Hills - For Scenic Beauty and green vegetation

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

True to its name, Morni hills offers you a landscape of beauty just as a peacock unfurls its feathers during monsoons. A quaint little hamlet near Chandigarh, Morni Hills boasts of immense scenic beauty and lush green vegetation that becomes more voluminous during monsoons. The lake adds to the beauty of this one of the most beautiful hill stations near Delhi.

Distance from Delhi - 275kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Morni Hills - Nature sightseeing and photography

4. Nahan - A range of Flora and Fauna in Monsoons

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Surrounded by the magnificent shivalik range, Nahan is one of the hill stations near Delhi for people who want to go offbeat. Overlooking the Himalayan range, this quiet and little town stores history in its annals as it was once the headquarters of the ancient Sirmaur district. During monsoons, Nahan becomes more picturesque, greener and lively with varied flora and fauna.

Distance from Delhi - 235kms

How to Reach - By car from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Nahan - Temples, wildlife sanctuaries, nature sightseeing, Jaitak Fort, Dhaula Khan and Trilokpur Temple.

5. Jim Corbett National Park - A close experience with nature and wild-life

Image Source: flickr/netlancer2006

Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, Jim Corbett national park is an ideal place of vacationing  for those who love nature and wildlife. During monsoons, a part of Corbett national park remains closed which can discourage the enthusiasts to visit it. However, the good news is that the Jhirna Zone remains open and offers you an equally fulfilling experience. During monsoons, you will see less of crowd here and thus more of undisturbed sojourn.

Distance from Delhi - 230kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Jim Corbett national park - Jeep Safari in the Jhirana and the Sitabani zones, Elephant Safaris.

6. Agra - An Architectural Marvel

Image Source: flickr/Steven Zwerink

Taj Mahal does look beautiful at any time of the year! As the clouds darken the skies above, this, one of the wonders of the world looks stupendous and simply awe inspiring. Also, it is that time of the year when it remains pretty pleasant so as to explore and witness the beauty of this architectural marvel.

Distance from Delhi - 210kms

How to Reach - By Road or by Train from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Agra - Photography, photography and photography!

7. Kasauli - Old World charm and monsoon weekend destination

Image Source: flickr/Ankit Jain

A quaint little hill station near Chandigarh, Kasauli is laden with an old world charm that fails to hide under the glitter of modernity. For the nearest and a hassle free weekend breaks from Chandigarh, Kasauli is one place that you look forward to. Some of the magnificent vistas can be enjoyed from here as you take a stroll up and down its colonial lanes. In monsoons, Kasauli becomes prettier and even more enamouring than what it is in summers. Also, this is the best time to try out local wines here.

Distance from Delhi - 298kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Kasauli - Wine tasting, collecting local jams and Himachali pickles.

8. Lansdowne - A great place for nature sightseeing and photography

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

There are reasons for which Lansdowne is the perfect choice for places to visit near Delhi in monsoon. It remains picturesque, voluminously green and manifolds times more beautiful. Just an overnight journey from Delhi will take you to the land of irresistible beauty and splendour.

Distance from Delhi - 254kms

How to Reach - By car or bus from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Lansdowne - Nature sightseeing, clicking photographs

9. Shoghi - Trekking and Oak trees paradise

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are thinking of monsoon destinations near delhi, Shoghi is the place to be. This small suburb of the well-known Shimla, looks stupendous during monsoons as the chilled winds touch your face and leave you awestruck. The pine and oak trees here look greener and fresher during the monsoons making it an ideal destination to visit.

Distance from Delhi - 347kms

How to Reach - By Road or by Train from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Shoghi - Trekking, seeing beautiful temples that populate this place.

10. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary - Best place for birdwatching 

Image source: flickr/Sanjiv Tuli

During monsoons, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is inhabited by many local birds that offer a beautiful sight to the nature lovers. The sanctuary is one of the most convenient weekend destinations near Delhi that exude a certain charm of its own. For those who love photography, this is the best season as you will have to Photoshop less for the backdrop!

Distance from Delhi - 45kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary - Birdwatching and Photography

11. Fagu - Religious and trekking destination

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

There are some places that still need to be unveiled before the world. This is true for Fagu as well! A petite village, Fagu offers some of the most scenic views of the mountains and dales. During monsoons, Fagu remains clouded with fog thereby making its landscape look more sublime and thus deserving visit. 

Distance from Delhi - 377kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Fagu - Trekking, visiting temples such as Banthia Devta Temple.

12. Almora - A pristine form of natural experience in monsoons

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If there is one way we can summarise the beauty of Almora, it would be magnificence and alluring beauty. Almora offers great views of Himalayas that look more splendid during the monsoons. Located in the heart of Pittorgarh district, this place does call for a visit for people who wish to indulge in the pristine form of nature.

Distance from Delhi - 360kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Almora - Sightseeing and visiting temples such as Binsar and Shiva temples.

13. Bhimtal - a great place for boating and camping

Image source: flickr/Raja Harjai

Embellished with a beautiful lake, Bhimtal is one of the most coveted destinations that you can visit during monsoons. Named after Bhima, the Mahabharata hero, this lake looks covered with clouds during monsoons. Unlike Nainital, Bhimtal is less crowded and more picturesque.

Distance from Delhi - 300kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Bhimtal - Boating, trekking, camping, hiking

14. Kangojodi - Offbeat monsoon destination with adventure activities

Image Source: Youtube.com


Kangojodi is one place for people who want to etch out an off the beaten path travelling experience. Covered with pine forests, Kangojodi is emerging as a camping site for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Although this place is beautiful any time of the year, it is still more beautiful in Monsoon when the clouds render it to be more graphic and colourful.

Distance from Delhi - 275kms

How to Reach - By Road from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Kangojodi - Camping and nature sightseeing.

15. Munsiyari - Pictuesque and charming

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Touted as the paradise of Kumaon, Munsiyari is known for offering great trekking experiences to travel buffs. What makes this destination an attractive one is that it offers amazing views of peaks of Nandadevi, Nandakot, Rajarambha and mountains of Nepal Himalayas. During monsoons, this place becomes more picturesque and enamouring.

Distance from Delhi - 646 kms

How to Reach - By bus or train from Delhi

Monsoon Activities in Munsiyari - Trekking and Camping

Is there any other place that you think deserves to be here in the list of monsoon destinations around Delhi? Let us know.

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