Honeymoon Destinations in India in July

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In India, we have grown up believing that rains are the perfect addition to a romantic setting. With all movies set amidst rains for the romantic union of the actors and actresses, we cannot help but believe that rains are indeed a beautiful component to someone’s romance. If you are married during the hot wedding season that actually comes during the summer, then rains are a perfect soothing element for you to live the romantic moments that you probably missed in midst of all the hustle bustle. Here is a list of 11 best honeymoon destinations in India in july:-

1) In the midst of hills - Coorg

Coorg a favorite monsoon honeymoon destinations in IndiaPhoto by Kalidas Pavithran

Coorg provides you everything you need to make your honeymoon special. Right from the amazing views of the hill, to the distinct smell of the coffee plantations- everything spells love in this place. In such a perfect setting, when you add monsoons; you get widespread greenery all over. Walk hand in hand in this lush background to make the mental pictures of your honeymoon beautiful forever. Also, the waterfalls are just an add on to this amazing journey.

2) Live the royal monsoons - Udaipur

Photo by Mckay Savage

Udaipur is the perfect destination for the couple that likes to live it up a little. Right from the beautiful palaces to the colorful streets, the vibrancy of this place is sure to make your honeymoon even more special. Udaipur in monsoons is perfect because apart from the blessings of the Rain Gods, you also escape the vicious heat and the extremely cold winters. The best part though is that the weather is cold enough to make sure that you get ample opportunities to tuck in and cuddle.

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3) For the couple that just likes to have fun in rain - Goa

Photo by Wales_Gibbons

Goa is perfect to visit at anytime of the year. But, if you are looking for things to do in Goa in monsoon then honeymoon should definitely be on the top of your list. The most off beaten thing to do during this time is to visit the beautiful Dudhsagar waterfalls, that soar high up to Karnataka. Standing right below them and while staying in any of the amazing resorts, you will explore not only the quirky Goa but also your partner in a completely unforgettable manner.

4) If you love nature equally - Malshej Ghat

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If you are the kind of couple, that likes to stare deep into the horizon and make future plans then Malshej Ghat is perfect for your honeymoon. It is a treat for nature lovers and the drive of this Ghat is nothing short of heavenly. During monsoons, the place literally becomes like a painting with all waterfalls making a cascade for you as you pass. Even though, there are not a lot of romantic places to stay in here, but if you want to spend time tucked in each other’s arms and in nature’s arms, then Malshej Ghat is perfect for you.

5) For the spiritual couple - Shillong

Photo by Steve kharmawphlang

Shillong is full of monasteries and the perfect word to describe this place is tranquility. Although, the monsoons can get really overwhelming here- but if you are looking for best honeymoon destinations in india in June, then Shillong is a perfect place to visit. In midst of all the spirituality and wondrous nature, you are going to make memories that will be etched in your hearts forever. Shillong is one of the most under rated but really one of the best honeymoon places in India.

6) Lush greens and golden sands of monsoon - Kovalam

Photo by Mehul Antani
Kerala is really one of the most exotic destinations to visit in India. But, if you are considering places for honeymoon in India during monsoon, then Kovalam is really the perfect choice for you to explore. It’s a humble beach town in Kerala but ranks super high in all the traveler lists of India. Kovalam literally means, a grove of coconut trees and you are going to find these in plenty here. If you are looking at spending some amazing time with your spouse strolling by the beach with little rain droplets accessorizing your walk, then Kovalam is a great honeymoon destination to visit during the rains.

7) In midst of the high hills - Mahabaleshwar

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Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani are one of the most preferred hill stations in Maharashtra for any season. But, if you are looking for honeymoon places in India especially in the month of June and early July, then Mahabaleshwar is a perfect option for you. You can stare deep into the hills and the lake, go boating if rains permit and munch on to some hot sweet corn while you are on your romantic escapade.

8) To step back in the past - Dalhousie

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Dalhousie has this free-spirited hippie sort of a culture that is going to get you rid past of all the shyness that comes with the initial phase of the honeymoon. Dalhousie is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations in India and all the more during monsoons. The old British charm and the fact that it is still not affected by mainstream tourism is what makes this place all the more special.

9) For the couple that just likes to let it go- Kasol

Kasol is really perfect for the couple that is just looking at having a great time. If you are wondering why this is one of the best monsoon honeymoon destinations, then the reasons are pretty straight forward. First being the low cold temperatures that makes it a pleasant destination. Apart from that, it ranks very high when it comes to natural beauty. There are also local substances available here, which are literally experience enhancers. Right before starting your journey together, you should visit this place to completely let go of all your worries and have a great time with each other.

10) A little of paradise for you - Manali


Manali is a piece of heaven on earth, a place that beams with resplendent nature and romantic aura. This small town exudes a dizzying charm with its chilly bylanes, pristine Beas’ gushing waters and an opulent green nature whose beauty fails to get captured in eyes. Do take up a drive on the road that stretches from Manali to Kullu and you will end up witnessing some of the most beautiful views on Earth, with overarching mountains on one side and galloping Beas river on the other.

11) The quaint and charming town - Pondicherry


We know that Pondicherry is never considered to be a honeymoon destination, let alone one of the best honeymoon destinations in India during monsoon. But, you will realize that the quaintness and the charm of this town increases manifold during monsoons. With blessings from the rain god, this little town that is lost in it’s own world and is nestled in the arms of British influence, Pondicherry promises you an experience that would stay with you forever.

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