Monsoon Throttle 3.0: Celebrating Biking Brotherhood!

People usually spend extended weekends chilling out with their respective families. On the other hand, I love to spend these days by watching newly-released films. For instance, this weekend, I watched this painfully boring film called Mohen Jo Daro where bronzed Hrithik Roshan was seen romancing a badly CGI-ed crocodile. Oh yes! There was Pooja Hegde, too!
But there are some people, so passionate about machines and travelling that they usually spend these most cherished holidays riding all their way to the narrow ghats, just to explore the nature, closely! Vaibhav Arora, Marketing Manager here at TripHobo and a Royal Enfield lover is one such passionate biker.


Source: Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav along with 11 other biking enthusiasts from Pune, all part of a Royal Enfield Group called The Guardians MC  completed an expedition named ‘Monsoon Throttle 3.0’ organised by DON- Dukes of Nagpur , a riders club based out of Nagpur. The three-day bike-riding event commenced on 13th August and bikers from Jabalpur, Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune drove all the way to the beautiful hill station that is Chikhaldara.

Source: Vaibhav Arora

We caught up with Vaibhav who was all pumped up after riding about 1500 km from Pune to Chikhaldara, to and fro. Here is a snippet from the conversation:

Q: Tell us something about Monsoon Throttle 3.0. How was it?


Source: Vaibhav Arora


Source: Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav: Just one word, Awesome! Most of my expedition mates call this adventure as Green Ladakh. This was truly an experience of a lifetime. I got to meet about 50 more people who were as obsessed with bike riding as I was. Moreover, riding 1500 km and that too from Pune all the way to Chikhaldara was an exhilarating experience. And trust me, it wasn’t a cake walk for me as I’m not that professional. But the misty clouds, greenery-clad mountains, and some stunning locales, made this trip, worth it! 

Q: You had a proper timetable sketched for this particular expedition. How did it all start?


Source: Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav: So, me and 11 other riders of The Guardians MC started from Pune on August 13 at about five in the morning. Taking necessary chai-sutta and food stops at Aurangabad, Shegaon, Khamgaon, and Akot, we reached Paratwada, which is at the foothills of Chikhaldara, around 8 in the evening. Driving through the ghats at night was a brilliant experience with clouds playing around but with good coordination, we managed it perfectly. We reached our hotel and then spent some quality time over booze and slept like a log. 

Q: And how was the experience while riding through the Melghat Tiger Reserve? 


Source: Vaibhav Arora


Source: Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav: That’s the best part of it, actually! With lush green landscapes from both the sides and rough road ahead, our second day was damn challenging. Usually, we drive at the speed of about 70-80 km per hour, but on this road, we had to reduce our speed to about say 20. The road was not in a good condition, rightly so and was all slippery because of the rain. We drove through the small villages and could witness curious eyes gazing at us. We were asked what we were doing and our native place and all sorts of questions like this all through our ride.
The best part about driving through the stretch of 100 km in Melghat Tiger Reserve was River crossing and that we ended up at a place which had numerous windmills, thus giving all of us a feeling of driving through a countryside in the States.

Q: And what about the arrangements made by the organiser- Dukes of Nagpur? 


Source: Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav: Everything was very well planned. We had every possible tool with us and the organisers made sure that we don’t have an emergency like situation. There were crew members, camera guys, tow truck and a gypsy that made this a smooth ride.
In the evening, there was a party, some inspirational stories across various clubs were shared. It’s always a great feeling to know people who are as mad about the same things, the way you are. Brotherhood was at its peak, this time during the trip. It was great to meet passionate riders from BBT Jabalpur, Dukes of Nagpur and The Bikerni .

Q: You earlier mentioned that the whole theme of this trip was planned around brotherhood. Will you specify it, a bit? 


Source: Urvashi Patole 

Vaibhav: All sixty of us belong to different family backgrounds, cities, and professions. But what brings us together is our passion for bikes and exploring new places. It's always good to be with people who love the same things, live the same dream and have the same ‘Keeda’ at the right place. Hence, leaving our diverse backgrounds aside, we are united by the bond of brotherhood.
Divided by professions, united by passion, indeed!

is a commerce graduate turned journalist. When he is not writing travel blogs, he is busy travelling or drooling over Puneri street food.




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