12 of The World's Most Scenic Coastal Towns

By Reshma Dewda on Oct 09, 2015
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Living in a most beautiful coastal town is an awesome feeling. The soothing expanse of blue never leaves your eyes and the soft sea breeze follows you around. These scenic seaside towns also make great holiday spots. The Mediterranean coast itself welcomes close 200 million tourists every year. Waterfront cities aside, these following coastal towns are some of the best scenic seaside coastal towns in the world.

1. Manarola - Picturesque Seaside Town Of Italy

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This Cinque Terre village still has one foot in the Middle Ages. Bright houses practically tumble into the sea and you can taste some of the finest olive oil and wine here. Celebrated by the artist Antonio Discovolo, Manarola is truly a postcard-perfect coastal town.

2. Sidi Bou Said - True Blue And White Marvel Of Tunisia

Image Source: Romain Cloff/flickr.com

Just a few kilometers outside Tunisia’s largest city Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is a true marvel in blue and white. The stark blue of the water is contrasted beautifully against the white of the buildings. Bougainvillea flowers are strewn over the stone-paved streets and white sand beaches provide the perfect setting for romance.

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3. Cadaques, Spain

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Perched on Spain’s Costa Brava, Cadaques is an inspirational town that has mesmerized even the great Salvador Dali with its beauty. Its sophisticated vibe is quite in contrast to the rustic charm of the city. A city of galleries and theater, Cadaques continues to entice many travelers each summer.

4. Cua Van - Floating Village Of Vietnam

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Set against the ruggedness of the mighty mountains, Cua Van is a tiny village that literally floats on the Halong Bay. This unique characteristic attracts many tourists to this little town of 700 people.

5. Ilulissat, Greenland - Birthplace Of Icebergs

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Huge icebergs float about nonchalantly near this pretty little town that has color coded its buildings. The bright colors make for an exciting contrast against the pale white of winter. This arctic town also has an ice fjord of the same name.

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia - Revisiting Game Of Thrones

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Founded in the 7th century, Dubrovnik  is an idyllic most beautiful coastal town overlooking the Adriatic sea. This town is a major tourist puller, now more so because of its association with the Game of Thrones series. Baroque buildings and marble streets add to the glory of this seaside town.

7. Reine - Most Photographed Town Of Norway

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Norway’s most photographed towns, this fishing village is a beautiful picture. Red wooden cabins add that burst of color to the pale blue of the sea. The town has only 300 inhabitants and it is also privy to magnificent shows of the northern lights.

8. Port Fairy, Australia - Fishermen's Paradise

Image Source: Pixabay.com

This shipping port seems to have settled in the 19th century. With over 50 designated historic buildings, the fishermen’s cottages will steal your heart. It also hosts the biggest Folk festival in March each year.

9. Kamakura, Kanagawa - Perfect Escape From Technogolical Scenes

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just an hour from Tokyo, Kamakura is a welcome change from the technologically reliant cities of Japan. Mount Fiji for a backdrop, Kamakura is the favorite getaway for city folk. Don’t forget to check out the Great Buddha while you’re here.

10. Knysna - Best Beach Town Of South Africa

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Knysna stands out amongst South Africa’s most beautiful coastal towns because of its lush vegetation and peaceful lagoons. Knysna heads, the sandstone cliffs from where a stream of water gushes through is the best geological feature of this region.

11. Cape May, USA - A Vintage Tour

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A must visit for the beautifully preserved Victorian buildings, Cape May has been a popular seaside refuge for decades. The whole town has been designated as a historic landmark because of this. Just outside San Francisco, this beautiful town is known for its classy dining scene.

12. Kotor, Montenegro - Relishing The Old Charm

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Montenegro’s oldest town, Kotor has a certain old world charm to it. The Old Town of Kotor still holds remnants of the past ; stone buildings and narrow alleyways. Mount Lovcen looks on proudly at this picturesque beach town.

These most beautiful coastal towns are great to visit and have a laidback holiday. Time stands still here and you can really witness the small blessings of nature at these tiny villages.

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