12 Most Beautiful Villages Across the World

By Sameer Kapoor on Nov 26, 2015
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This World is strewn with beauty that is simply unparalleled, unimaginable and at times magical. Whether it is the natural beauty or the man made one, these wonders never cease to surprise us. Today we are going to list down 12 most beautiful villages in the world that showcase a blend of human architecture and natural beauty. Visiting them will only transfer you to the magical world of fairy tales and you would ultimately wish to settle down there. They surpass every element of human imagination and make you believe in Keats’ poetic line-'a thing of beauty is a joy forever'.

1. Hobbiton Village

One of the most successful movie sagas Lord Of The Rings was mainly filmed in New Zealand, whose rich nature offers a variety of differing sites. Hobbiton was a set, built for the movie. However, after the filming was finished somebody got the idea to leave this Hobbit village as the tourist attraction. And it definitely was a great idea.

2. Hallstatt, Upper Austria

Hallstatt is a little town of breathtaking views located between Salzburg and Graz, in the Salzkammergut Lake District of Austria. Considered to be one of the oldest still inhabited settlement in Europe, Hallstatt is a UNESCO heritage site and an important Austrian tourist attraction. The village’s pastel coloured houses that find reflection on the transparent lake make up for a stunning view.

3. Riomaggiore, Italy

PC: Alessio Maffeis/flickr.com

Cinque Terre's easternmost village, Riomaggiore looks picturesque with its peeling pastel buildings that march down a steep ravine to a tiny harbour the region's favourite postcard view and glow romantically at sunset. This is one of the most beautiful Italian villages that deserves some time in your itinerary.

4. Colmar, France

Amid the vine-covered foothills of the southern Vosges Mountains, this beautiful french village of Colmar offers an exceptional wealth of historic attractions. This charming town was an important marketplace as well as a center of art and learning in the 13th century. The town's fascinating cultural heritage is visible in its lovely residential houses as well as in the Catholic, Protestant, and Dominican houses of worship. Colmar has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries, and wandering the ancient quarters takes visitors on a pleasant journey back in time.

5. Shirakawa-go Japan

PC: Wikipedia.org

Shirakawa-go is a bucolic mountain town famous for its thatched roofs designed like praying hands. Find it enveloped in the morning mist, the colors of spring vivid against the rustic homes. Ah, the peaceful rural life.

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6. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya, India

PC: Ashwin Kumar/flickr.com

Titled as Asia's cleanest village in 2003 this enchanting village of Mawlynnong is a smooth 100 odd kms drive further from Shillong. The village also offers a beautiful sky view from an 85-feet high tower. While you are there, make sure you trek to Mawphlang, which is equally beautiful. Explore more beautiful villages in India that gives you a 'wow' feeling.

7. Bilbury, England

PC: Wikipedia.org

Bilbury would indeed have to be the most photographed small town in England. This small town is filled with old world charm and could very well be the most charming town in England! Owing to its picturesque beauty, William Morris described it as the "most beautiful village in England”.

8. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

The blue and white village of Tunisia has a wide reputation as an artistic bohemian sanctuary. Sidi Bou Said is flocked by tourists, but it’s just one of those special places that don’t lose their charm even with so many people visiting it.

9. Goreme, Turkey

PC: Pixabay.com

Golden lunarscapes are the backdrop of this simple Turkish town that’s still growing out of its traditional farming customs. Göreme is famous for its curious "fairy chimney” rock formations, some of which were hollowed out to create houses and churches.

10. Hoi An, Vietnam

PC: Loi Nguyen Duc/flickr.com

Famous for its cute lanterns, Hoi An looks mesmerising with its South Asian charm and rich culture. They say there are more lanterns in this town than people. More than the nature, it is the lanterns that offer a perfect backdrop against this village.

11. Wengen, Switzerland

Thanks to an Alpine location and traditional timber chalets, Wengen is the Swiss village of your dreams and looks like something straight out of Heidi. The fact that cars have been banned here for more than 100 years also adds to the charm.

12. Popeye, Malta

Tucked away in the small European country of Malta is a place you’d probably never expect to find in the real world Popeye’s Village. Also known as Sweethaven Village, it is an ideal family-vacation spot and one of Malta’s major tourist attractions.

So, which of these beautiful villages you would like to visit?

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