Most Overrated Tourist Destinations In India

By Ketki Hanamshet on Feb 28, 2019
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Have you ever been too excited to receive an online parcel? And then when it arrives, you are left with just disappointment, for it is nothing like the alluring pics shown on the site. Well, a few of the tourist destinations in India are nothing less than such online parcels. Take a look at their mesmerizing images online and you will feel compelled to pack your bags and leave to have a vacation there. But once you arrive at these destinations, your expectations go tumbling down the drain, quite literally at a few places. Here are a few tourist destinations in India, that are so hyped, they might have to be taken off the bucket list.

1. Shimla - No more the snowy heaven

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Breathtaking vistas of lush greenery and snow clad mountains - that’s the first thought to strike everyone when they hear Shimla. But, now imagine these scenic views obstructed by too many hotels and too many tourists. Doesn’t form a pretty picture, eh? To add to this misery, the tourist vehicles and cabs have increased pollution of Shimla. 

2. Manali - The commercialized destination

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Manali is no different than Shimla when it comes to being called an overrated destination in India. A favorite amongst honeymooners, this place stays crowded throughout the year. Thanks to its hyped fame, the accommodation prices here are sky high. Also, beware of the long-hour traffic jams!

3. Ooty - Hill station, is it?

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With tourists from neighboring cities thronging this place during summers, Ooty - the famous hill station of India, has now lost its charm. Although the hotel prices rip through your pockets, they are absolutely not worth to enjoy a holiday stay. The town has also now started facing water shortage frequently.

4. Lonavla - The overpriced destination

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Lonavla is a weekend getaway which gets too crowded by locals from the two neighboring cities - Pune and Mumbai. At first, the place was blessed with a pleasant atmosphere and magnificent views of the Sahyadri Mountains. But due to commercialization, Lonavla is no more beguiling. With pricey hotels and not many things to do, Lonavla is certainly an overrated destination India.  

5. Goa - Are the beaches any different than a chowpatty?

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I know I am going to get roasted for mentioning Goa in the list of most overrated tourist destinations in India. Thanks to the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai, Goa got re-introduced to all the groups of friends in India. But now the beaches of Goa, such as the Baga and Calangute beach, are no different than the Mumbai Chowpatty - overcrowded and as dirty as it can get. 

6. Varanasi - Spot a clean spot challenge

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Varanasi is, indeed, a soulful place to visit. But is it worth all the crowd, the uncleanliness, and the not-so-maintained ghats? Not to mention the roads that are splattered with cow-dung. With several people bathing themselves in the Ganges, the river has turned dirty and full of filth. Those are enough reasons for me to take down the city from my bucket list.

7. Agra - The most underdeveloped tourist destination

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The magnificent Taj Mahal is the only attraction that pulls tourists to Agra. But apart from the historic monument, there is no other reason for tourists to plan a visit to this city. Besides, Agra continues to remain highly undeveloped, despite being home to the best tourist attraction in India. The pollution-problem that the city continues to face is a concern that would need another day to discuss.
Knowing these overrated destinations in India, it is now time to start looking for their alternatives. Which place do you find to be too hyped in India? Let us know in the comments.

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Most overrated tourist destinations in india
  • I disagree on goa. Beaches are very very clean now and well organized. I agree that they are crowded but one can't compare them to chowpatty. They are way way better

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    • Clean???? I am in Goa now and its one of the dirtiest beaches there that I have visited.

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