The Most Polluted Places in the World

By Reshma Dewda on Mar 08, 2019
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They say that there is an evil hidden in every good and a flip side to every coin. In case of our beautiful earth, man has given birth to the most vicious and ugly side that didn’t exist erstwhile. Our wants and needs have mounted unprecedented pressure on this beautiful planet, leaving it barren and bleeding from many corners. No other species has left such a mark on earth as humans.

The following places are The Most Polluted Places in the World and tip of the iceberg when it comes to the massive human footprint that industrialization and allied activities have left on this ecosystem. In the following collages, you can notice how behind the good face of each country is hidden an appalling reality that is dying to come out.

1. Lake Karachay, Russia


Behind the gorgeous exterior of this lake, lies a radioactive impact of such magnitude that it can harm a person in a short span of an hour. This nuclear facility might have big implications on human progress, but it is also causing slow death by cancer for many of the people living and working there.

2. Linfen, China

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Linfen is by far the most polluted city in the world. It is an absolute crime to breathe the air of this city that has been polluted with toxins of industrial and automobile activity. If you were to hang your clothes out to dry here, they would turn black in no time.

3. La Oroya, Peru

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Tremendous amounts of lead enter your blood stream as you breathe the air here or even drink the water at La Oraya. The culprit is the lead smelter in the town that is sacrificing the life of the locals for the ‘greater good’.

4. Citarum River, Indonesia


The fact that it is the most polluted river in the world has not stopped Jakarta’s authorities from using the surface water of this river for various purposes including irrigation. There are a number of harmful minerals like lead, cadmium, chromium and of course pesticides found in this water. Thirsty, much?

5. Riachuelo Basin, Argentina


A whopping 4000 factories add to the current state of Riachuelo Basin. To make matters worse, there are 13 slums and 42 garbage dumps in the same area. Obviously, there is widespread disease and death in this place.

6. Yamuna River, India


The river that cradles the greatest symbol of love in the world is also one of the most polluted rivers on this planet. Human waste and industrial dump floats about in this river of death. Filled with sewage and disease, this river begs immediate attention.

7. Baku, Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan prides itself as a successful oil hub. But the side effects of this are evident in Baku which is the epicenter of it all. This capital city suffers from unparalleled pollution because of activities like drilling and shipping.

8. Agbogbloshie, Ghana

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At Agbogbloshie one can really see the negative impact of technology. Some 215,000 tons of consumer electronics lay strewn at this place, waiting to be recycled. A number of the components in these electronics contain toxic materials that can cause a great deal of harm.

9. Hazaribagh, Bangladesh


This petite place is shoved with 250 tanneries where workers work in dangerous conditions daily. All the harmful waste is thrown into the river and as a result, the adjoining area is affected too. Government apathy and rapid industrialization is leading to big human catastrophes here.

10. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Natural calamities and deforestation have bought this country down on its knees. To top that, there is a severe waste management crisis here. Port-au-Prince is a big black blot on this Caribbean beauty.

11. Mexico City, Mexico


Mexico city lies at the foothills of a volcanic crater. This basin like area is susceptible to massive amount of smog and pollution. At any given day, you will be able to see blurred skies and huge amount of pollution in the air here.

We must stop and think how our actions are harming this beautiful gift called earth that we have been blessed with. With convenience comes a big cost in the form of repercussion.  Our world needs help- Are you ready to step up? 

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