Most Scenic Regions to Explore in Spain

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Spain is a country of great natural beauty. This is sometimes overlooked and many see it as a holiday destination for flopping on the beaches in the middle of summer - although this is certainly enjoyable, it does not showcase the best aspects of the country. In addition to the sandy beaches, Spain features dramatic mountain ranges, rolling meadows, rocky coastlines, enchanting coves and even snowy mountains.

With so much diversity it can be difficult to know which areas to head to. Here are the three most scenic parts of Spain to explore:


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The huge area bordering Spain’s southern coast, Andalusia boasts picture perfect farmland, rolling hills and sparkling rivers. It is also a great place to walk along the coast or simply chill out on the beach. The natural beauty ensures that it is perfect for walking holidays, but there are also dozens of charming white villages to explore too. 

Seville is the capital of the region and is famed for flamenco dancing, plus there are many great bars, restaurants, parks and shops to explore. Fans of Gothic architecture will be blown away by the gigantic Gothic Seville Cathedral, which is also the resting place of Christopher Columbus.


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The autonomous region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain is best known for being the location of the mesmerising city of Barcelona, but it is also a very pretty part of the world and a great place for exploring. Here you will find thick forested areas, dramatic coastal cliffs, secluded coves and a number of charming medieval villages where you can enjoy fine food and drink after a long day of exploring. This is where many locals spend their holidays, so you know that it must be good.

In particular, the Alt Emporda region is superb for walking with many signposted paths to follow taking you through the very best of the Catalonian countryside.

Gran Canaria

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Away from the mainland, the Canary Island of Gran Canaria is the pick of the bunch in terms of scenery. This is because the relatively small island is bursting at the seams with diverse scenery. It contains verdant forests, volcanic mountain ranges, rolling sand dunes, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches. In addition to this, Gran Canaria is home to a number of inviting villages where you can sample the local produce. There are many excellent walking routes that will show you all of this and more.

As such a large and diverse country with many different regions it can be hard to know where to go, but the above places will guarantee a fantastic holiday in sublime surroundings.