9 Most Unusual Cocktails Around The World

By Gaurav Tembe on Aug 03, 2015
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Drinking is a lot of fun, especially when you're out with friends. We have people who stick to their Old Monk and coke, we have the crazies who love their tequila shots, we also have the people who'd rather have a nice conversation over a mug of beer. But you know what's more fun? Cocktails. And if you're in the mood for some experimentation, we have just the thing for you! Here are 9 of the unusual cocktails from around the world:

1. Peru: Pisco Sour

PC: Cathrine Lindblom Gunasekara/flickr.com

It contains a Peruvian liquor that's made from grapes that's refreshingly brandy-like. No points for guessing its name: its Pisco of course! This drink also contains egg whites. Don't make a face. Its yummy!

2. Canada: The Caesar

PC: Ruth Hartnup/flickr.com

This drink contains vodka, Clamato (that's a blend of clam broth and tomato juice), hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, served on the rocks. Interestingly, its garnished with a celery stick and some lime. Its a more fun take on the Bloody Mary. Drink away!

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3. Australia: The Versailles Experience

PC: Wikimedia Commons

The swankiest cocktail that you will ever have. A combination of Tanqueray gin, absinthe, apple, pear, lemon and mint, this cocktail is served in an absinthe fountain. Its available exclusively at Eau De Vie bars in Sydney and Melbourne.

4. Great Britain: Pimm's Cup

PC: Whitney/flickr.com

This drink was created in London in the 1840s. Its made with a liquor called Pimms No.1, lemon, strawberry, cucumber, mint, orange, apple, ginger and soda water. Forget beer; this is the fruity, tasty drink that you must try while you're in Great Britain.

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5. France: Kir Royale

PC: Hades2k/flickr.com

A deservingly fancy name for a fancy drink that's made with champagne or white wine, cr¨me de cassis (a dark red liqueur made with blackcurrants), and some lemon. Your visit to France will not be complete without a sip.

6. Singapore: Singapore Sling

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Gin, Cointreau, grenadine and pineapple come together to make one hell of a tropical drink. The sweet and smooth flavours are going to wow you like nothing else!

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7. USA: Wakey, Eggs And Bacey

PC: Anthony/flickr.com

Only the United States would have come up with a drink this crazy! Its supposed to be a hangover cure like none other. Its basically a Bloody Mary combines with Irish stout, hot sauce, quail eggs, some pickled vegetables and an entire grilled cheese sandwich and its only available at the Chapel Tavern in Nevada. Can you stomach it?

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8. Turkey: Raki

PC: Chris Pople/flickr.com

This drink is not to be tried by people who can't stomach high alcohol content (its up to 90 per cent!). Its called lions milk and for good reason. Mix it with water and ice, and you've got the most potent concoction on this list!

9. Ethiopia: Tej

PC: Wikimedia Commons

This is an Ethiopian honey wine that contains honey that's lightly caramelized, spiced rum, and some lime juice. Its both spicy and sweet making it one of the most flavourful cocktails that you could try!

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