Mother's Day in New York City

  • UPDATED Sep 05, 2018

Mothers are very precious. They shower us with love and affection and make us feel secure. They carry us in their wombs for nine months and provide us with everything we need. After birth, they are our primary caregivers. They work hard and smile through the pain just to keep their families healthy and happy. A mother’s love is unconditional and unparalleled. It does not demand anything in return. 

The second Sunday of May is the day of celebrating mothers. It is the day to give back to our mothers and make them feel as special as they make us feel every single day. Though we can never really repay our mothers, all we can do is try to make them feel good even if it is for one day.

This year Mother’s Day is on 13th May 2018. Every year, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement all over the world. Similarly, New York to has its own set of Mother’s Day events.

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For those who want to spend Mother’s Day in New York, here is a list of must-do things for you:

1. Mother’s Day Cooking Class

Our mothers cook for us every day. So, this Mother’s Day, cook with your mother and make her happy. Organized by Taste Buds Kitchen, this is a brunch cooking class for kids and mothers to cook together. Fathers and other family members can join in too. 

Make this Mother’s Day a unique experience by doing things together with your mother. Let her know that you support her. Make it her special day by enrolling in this cooking class in New York together. You can have your beautiful brunch together, and this will be a cherished experience for sure. 

So, if your mother and you love cooking, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

2. Enjoy Roller-skating Together

Enjoy roller-skating in one of the rinks in New York City with your mother. Mothers spend so much time taking care of the family that they forget what it is to have some fun. Help your mother relive her childhood and have fun in one of the skating rinks in New York.  The Pier 2 Roller Rink in Brooklyn Heights is open from April to October, the Riverbank State Park Roller Rink at Harlem is open from May to October, etc. are some rinks where you can enjoy skating with your mother.

3. Mother’s Day Brunch at Queens Botanical Garden

Are you a nature lover and so is your mother? Then spend the day at the Queens Botanical Garden soaking up the sun and discovering new trees and flowers. This place hosts a picnic-style holiday brunch on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The tickets cost from $28 to $60. Enjoy the day in the midst of nature and greenery. Chat with your mother, take a stroll, have food and make memories. 

If you are in New York during Mother’s Day, this brunch idea is a great option to consider.

4. Mother’s Day at Wave Hill

A sunny day at Wave Hill may be perfect for a Mother’s Day celebration. It is a picnic area, so if you have a child, take him or her and play with them. They will enjoy it a lot. Brunch is also organized there on the occasion of Mother’s Day. So do try out this option. It is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your kids and has a merry time. 

5. Mother’s Day celebration at Central Park Zoo

This day at Central Park Zoo is dedicated to moms. On this day, mothers, children, and other family members get to meet a variety of zoo animals and their little ones. It is a beautiful concept, and kids love it. You are allowed to prepare tasty food for some of the new animal moms, and you can go on an animal moms’ scavenger hunt that ends after meeting a special animal guest. Make a special Mother's Day art and enjoy a lip-smacking snack.

Bookings need to be made prior to the event. This is an excellent opportunity for kids to get to know zoo animals as well as bond with their mothers. This event is a very famous one in New York. Do try it out. It will indeed make a good memory. 

6. Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise

Make your mother feel delighted as well as special by spending Mother’s Day on a cruise! Sail across the sea in a 1920s style yacht with glass walls. Your mother can enjoy the 360-degree view of Manhattan. There will be an enormous lunch buffet, and your mother won’t get enough of it. A glass of champagne at the end will make the day absolutely perfect. 

An experience like this on a cruise may cost more than a hundred dollars per person. But then you are doing it for your mother. 

Do try out this cruise brunch if you are visiting New York during Mother’s Day. It will be a mesmerizing experience. 

Other events include visits to museums, brunch or dinner at Michelin-star restaurants and surprise parties. Many restaurants across the city even provide special Mother’s Day menus to celebrate this beautiful day.

No matter how much we try to do for our mothers, it will not be enough. We shall always be indebted to them for all the love and happiness they have showered on us. They have been our pillar of strength during tough times and supported us through everything. 

There cannot be a single day to love our mothers and make them happy. However, Mother’s Day is there to remind us how thankful we are to have them with us and that mothers too deserve to feel special. 

So, this Mother’s Day, let your mother become the child and enjoy herself in these wonderful events.