Mothers Day in Texas

The second Sunday in May is a date reserved for the first and the most important woman in anybody’s life – their mother. Even though every day is the perfect day to take your mother out for a lovely brunch or a theatre show she might like, this day is celebrated with heightened spirits in the state of Texas. There are many opportunities for the residents of Texas to treat their mothers to a wonderful day or for mothers to bond with their little ones. Here is a list of attractions that Texas has to offer for this special day and for the special women:

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Mother’s Day activities at the Dallas Arboretum

The Arboretum in Dallas along the shores of the White Rock Lake throws a weekend brunch and other activities like live music, art and craft and opera. The 66 acre patch of land stays green and in full bloom in the middle of the summer and thus makes for a great venue to enjoy the day with your mother. Picnics can be arranged as well, on the sprawling green of the park and with a spectacular view of the Lake. They offer a Garden Tea brunch which has to be reserved beforehand. They serve selected seasonal teas with each of the courses on the menu. The price varies from $49 to $59 and includes garden entry, parking and gratuity. If your mother is a fan of premium dining, this is a perfect occasion to treat her to one.

The Blue Starlite Mini-Urban Drive-In, Austin

Movies can be watched in the multiplexes every day. But the special days are kept for special activities. Every year on mother’s day, the drive-in theatre puts up movies based on moms and motherhood that everyone can enjoy from within the comfort of their cars, tents or blankets. The drive-in theatre shows the best of the classic and indie movies, as well as cult and pop culture movies depending on the night. Mother’s days are usually kept for the classic mom-daughter stories like Mommie Dearest or Terms of Endearment, or otherwise cult ones like Sound of Music or E.T.

The Annual Swiss Avenue Historic District Mother’s Day Home Tour, Dallas

The tour of the historic Swiss Avenue is an event that has been a part of the culture of Dallas for years. In 2018, it will be 45 years old as a mother’s day celebration. Apart from the fact that it is a tribute to the glorious historic past of Dallas, it is also a great entertainment opportunity for the weekend. The tour of the district includes exhibition of eight century old homes, along with art fair, live music, horse carriage rides and refreshments. They also arrange a Sunday branch from 11 AM to 2 PM. It is perfect for the mother-son or mother-daughter duo interested in art and history.

Listen To Your Mother, San Antonio

Listen To Your Mother is a nationwide show that is performed in 30 US cities as a celebration of Mother’s Day. Every year it comes to San Antonio, TX as well. On this show, not celebrities or famous public figures, but common people share their stories on motherhood. The participants can be a son or a daughter or the mother themselves, or even a father, as long as the organisers think their submission is heart-touching and beautiful. This should be a must-do on the list of mother’s day celebration, even if it does not fall right on the weekend of the day.

Mother’s Day Weekend at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

A day at the Museum of Fine Arts is a perfect one if your mother is an admirer of art and history. On this special weekend, the museum gives offers like combo tickets for the most popular attractions on premise - Peacock in the Desert: The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India and Michelangelo and the Vatican: Masterworks from the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte, Naples. When the galleries are all visited and explored, take advantage of the free entry to the Bayou Bend Collection or art décor and furnishing, and the beautiful garden for a picture to remember the day.

Mother’s Day at Hermann Park, Houston

For the young moms who would be the one taking the kids out on this day to celebrate, Hermann Park is an ideal spot. The place starts its Mother’s Day services right from the breakfast on Pinewood’s Café’s magnificent terrace. It overlooks the McGovern Lake beside which the park is located. For the rest of the morning, there are arts and craft project for the mummies and the kids to participate together. Participants can win pedal boat rides on the McGovern Lake and have some fun together on water. There is also a Hermann Park Rail ride which departs at 10 AM.

Mother’s Day Brunch at Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo organises a mother’s day brunch for the animal enthusiast families. The event includes a buffet spread from 10 AM to 3 PM, as well as a tour of the zoo, animal meet and greets and animal adoption opportunities. The zoo has beautifully curated gardens and a great collection of wild animals. If in luck, the visitors can witness some of them with their babies as well. It is a great place for young kids to bond with their mothers. 

These are only some of the offbeat experiences you can have in Texas to celebrate Mother’s Day. Other than these, many other restaurants, pubs, hotels and resorts offer mother’s day special buffets, brunches, spa sessions and other activities on package deals or discounts. Mother’s Day is all about spending quality time with the family, and Texas offers a host of options to do that.


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