Breathtaking Mountain Passes In South America

The longest continental mountain range in the world-the Andes stretches from north to south through 7 countries of South America. Right from the far north of Venezuela all the way to Argentina, the massive mountain range spans over 4,300 miles.

While driving through the Andes, one comes across breathtaking mountain passes. Here are a top few which will leave you awe-inspired:

Paso de Jama, Chile- Argentina:

Approximately 4,200 metres (13,800 feet)

The Paso de Jama is the northernmost road border crossing between the countries of Chile and Argentina.

Paso el Condor (Pico el Aguila), Venezuela:

Approximately 4,118 metres (13,510 feet)

A beautiful asphalted road. The highest point in the pass offers stunning views of the valleys and mountains.

Paso Pino Hachado, Chile- Argentina: 

Approximately 1,884 metres (6,181 feet)

The Paso Pino Hachado is the northernmost road border crossing between the two countries of Chile and Argentina. It is bordered by the towns of Las Lajas in Argentina and Liucura in Chile.

La Linea, Colombia: 

Approximately 2,779 metres (9,117 feet)


A highway tunnel under construction, La Linea will pass through the central mountain range of Andes connecting the regions of Quindio and Tolima in Columbia.

Ticlio, Peru: 

Approximately 4,818 metres (15,807 feet)


Ticlio Pass is the highest point of the central Andean road of Peru.

Paso San Francisco, Chile- Argentina: 

Approximately 4,748 metres (15,577 feet)


Witness fabulous lake and mountain views as you pass through Paso San Francisco- the landscape looks right out of a postcard.

Paso Chungara, Chile- Bolivia: 

Approximately 4,680 metres (15,350 feet)


A rugged mountain pass, Paso Chungara lies on the highway connecting the two countries of Chile and Bolivia.

Abra del Acay, Argentina: 

Approximately 4,972 metres (16,312 feet)


The Abra del Acay is the highest point on Argentina's National Route 40. It is located at an altitude of 4,972 metres. Don’t let an old sign post stating the altitude to be 4,895 metres mislead you!

Paso de Agua Negra, Chile- Argentina: 

Approximately 4,780 m (15,680 feet)


The pass is closed much of the winter season and is inaccessible most of the times thus making the journey even more thrilling!

Paso de Sico, Chile- Argentina: 

Approximately 4,092 metres (13,425 feet)


Mostly a gravel road, the Paso de Sico connects Chile to Argentina. A serene feeling will engulf you on your journey through this pass.

Have you ever travelled through any of these breathtaking mountain passes? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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