Top 12 Coolzie Movie Theaters in the World!

By Ch Mridula on Aug 26, 2015
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A typical movie watching is all about going to a theatre, buying tickets and popcorn and watching the movie. But, what if your movie experience can be turned into one luxurious and memorable outing? Wondering where it is possible? Look for these out of the box theatres around the world famous for their unique ambience:

1. Sci-fi dine-in theatre at Disney Hollywood studios

This unique theatre is one of the most preferred theatres for watching movies. The retro-style setting is an icing on cake for movie buffs.

coolest movie theatres in the world

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2. The Olympia Theater in Greece

This fabulous and elegant movie theater in Greece gives a home away from home feeling. How? Well, you can simply lie on the bed as you do at home and can still be in the theatre.

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3. Hot Tub cinema in London

Ever thought of taking a hot bath while watching a movie? This out and out funky theatre is a sure no miss out while in London.

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4. Sotto le Stelle Del Cinema in Italy

This open air theatre is situated in the classic city of Bologna in Italy. The most striking thing about the theatre is the place itself; the city of architecture, romance and feelings.

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5. Cineteca del Matadero in Madrid

Get ready to be greeted with million miniature lights on your head like stars glimmering on top. This theatre is famous for the screening of many international movies.

6. Sol Cinema in South Wales

The worlds smallest theatre, Sol Cinema is located in South Wales and runs completely on solar energy! Talk about power saving.

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7. Cin de Chef in Seoul

It is a restaurant cum theatre with the sitting arrangement in the form of beds. What more is needed; eat, sleep, movies, repeat!

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8. Orange Cinema Club in Beijing

If ever the Star Trek series wanted to picture their own version of lounge, it would look something like this club. Right from the entrance to the interiors, elegance can be felt.

9. Cinema City in Jerusalem

This huge theatre gives a unique experience of watching a movie in the holy city of Jerusalem, with gigantic walls and life size photos of famous actors on the roof.

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10. Paramount Theatre in Oakland

This 1900s theatre gives a royal feeling of watching a movie in quintessential Broadway theatre. Also the place host other musical events and film screenings.

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11. The Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport

Whether you like to see a movie in a typical manner or you want to feel like being at a caf, this theatre can give you best of the both worlds with its arrangement.

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12. Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur

Visit the land of Rajput, the place of Kings, queens and royalty and witness their chic way of life. Enjoy the movie in a Royal manner and feel as if living in a palace, while at this theatre.

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So when are you planning your next movie outing?

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