Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train To Travel Underwater!

If there is one epic journey in India that doesn’t include fastening of seat belts, Ride of a 4*4 on a bumpy Himalayan road and will be still equally fast and furious; it is the journey from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Yes, you heard me right!

Gear up for this super fast, under sea journey connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai!

India will see its very first bullet train that will run from Mumbai to Ahmedabad covering a distance of 508 kilometres, 21 out of which will be under the sea!

A dream project for Indian Railways, the estimated cost is about 100,000 Crore INR and majority funds for the project will be extended by Japan! Acche din definitely!

The most striking part of this train journey is the speed of the train. The bullet train is expected to run at a maximum of 350 kilometres per hour and will cover the Mumbai Ahmedabad journey in around 2 hours. This means it will beat the super fast Duronto Express that takes 7 hours to complete the journey at the moment!

So by the time you finish a plateful of hot Batata Wadas or delicious Khaman, you’ll reach your destination.

Certainly a boost to the various trade and commerce that functions between these two financial centres of India, the bullet train will also mark a new beginning for the Indian transportation system.

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