The ultimate Mumbai v/s Pune debate. Who's better?

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As a long-term Punekar and a short-term Mumbaikar, I often get asked ‘So which city do you like better?’ Is it the ‘Mumbai Meeri Jaan’ or ‘Pune Tithe Kay Une’? Now, since the time immemorial this debate has been raging on, and honestly, I have not been able to pick a side still.  


While these two cities are just under 100 miles from one another, their characters are so utterly contrasting. Thus, mankind was divided into two groups - Mumbai v/s Pune, so much so that they even made movies out of it too! 

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s debate! 

1. Weather 


This is not even debatable. The Gulabi Thandi of Pune wins the city a point here. Except for those two months of summer maybe. Mumbai, on the other hand, has summers and it has more summers. And the rains? They make things worse, except if you are sitting inside a Starbucks, Instagramming that hot cuppa! #mumbairains ☔ 

2. Food


Any bakarwadi fans here? Yes, I see all hands go up. Pune has Chitale’s ‘bakarwadi.’ And it has greasy sabudana khichadi, spicy misal paav (slurp!!), amrutulya cha chaha (tea), mastani (not Bajirao’s) and the list goes on. While Mumbai has the vada paav at every corner, Juhu beach ka ‘paav bhaji’, berry pulav, Bademiyan, and khau gallis

Clearly, there are no winners here :( 

3. Transportation 


They say public transport is the best thing about Mumbai, and I couldn’t agree more. Here 85% of the city travels in the Mumbai Local, the city’s lifeline. Pune has it much easy. The city’s parking-to-parking scenes are quite lit. You’ll often hear Punekars say “I’ll just get my bike yaa”. Everyone in Pune owns a bike, some two. You’ll see many warriors on the streets here!   

 4. Space 


Space is tight in Mumbai. The classic example of this case is the ‘fourth seat’ in a Mumbai Local. Irrespective of the size and shape of the three people sitting, a fourth person will always squeeze in. If you are the fourth seat, be ready to get your feet stamped and hold those cardboard boxes when the other three are in a mood to shop. 

Pune, on the other hand, is spacious, expanding like an amoeba in all possible directions. 

5. Lifestyle 


Punekars enjoy a nonchalant yet fun-loving lifestyle. Sometimes you have to wait till 10 until your neighbourhood eatery starts serving breakfast. Mumbai, on the other hand, is like a well-oiled machine that runs 24/7. 

6. Lovers' Pad


Most people will go “But Mumbai has sea yaa!” Okay, agreed. Pune has Mula-Mutha! Okay, maybe not. Wait, but Pune has Sinhagad. And Sinhagad has hot, hot kanda bhaji. And the landscaping views of the Sahyadris! **Ahem**

 7. Shopping


While Mumbai has Colaba Causeway and Linking Road, Pune has FC Road and Tulsibaug. Alright. But Mumbai wins a point here coz you can also shop in the Mumbai trains. 

8. Gardens 


Mumbai has the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Pune has Sarasbaug. Sorry, Pune :(

9. Professionalism  


The work culture in Mumbai is superb. But Pune is “1 te 4 band!”

So, who’s better then? I’ll be righteous and say no city is bad. Now you may go “kaay rao?!”  Though I always wished Mumbai had Pune’s weather. What do you think?

Disclaimer - Let’s coexist in the world where writers can express their opinions safely and then we all can have a healthy discussion about it. Also, the writer's financial conditions haven't yet reached a sky-high, indicating that this is in no way a paid post. Happy reading!

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