Mumbai's First Wholesale Bar Is Cheaper Beyond Imagination

  • UPDATED May 16, 2018
Imagine a land where the more you drink, the lesser is your bill! No, this is not a figment of my imagination, but a real, awesome place called the Bar Bar in Mumbai.
The concept behind the wholesale bar is that, more the number of drinks ordered, lesser is the final amount to be paid by everyone.
So wondering how does it work out? Well here’s the explanation!
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All drinks are categorized under different sections like Popular, Premium, Luxury, Beers, Wines, Cocktails and so on. Every category has a number of drinks and the rate for these categories is dependent on the number of drinks that are ordered. The best part is that you can switch between different drinks in your category to mix & match up things. If a large number of drinks are ordered, then the price of each drink goes down drastically!
Still confused? Here is an example to simplify things.
If you order a couple of drinks from the Popular section, each glass will cost you a cool 180 Rs. Order 3 and the price drops to 160, 6 for 140 and finally 12 or more will cost only 99 Rs per drink! Never will there be a better reason to go out with your gang of buddies!
Similarly, other categories have their individual pricing and the same decreasing rates per number of drinks.
So now don’t waste your time thinking anymore. Just head over to Mumbai to party with your friends like there is no tomorrow!
Location: Bar Bar, First Floor, Phoenix Market City, Kurla, Mumbai
Source for Feature Image: Pixabay