15 Must-Be, Must-See Music Fests in India!

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Every state in India has something unique for you to see! But, exploring a place through its fests and events is the first step you should take to becoming culturally secular. Coming to think of it, attending music fests in different parts of the country has a lot of advantages. First- your wanderlust is somewhat satisfied. Secondly, you come out learning so much about the city and place you are at. Thirdly, the music got your blood running right? So we have a win-win situation at every front with this list of music fests in India that every travel enthusiast and music lover should definitely be at!

1. Sunburn-Vagator,Goa

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Let`s start with the most main stream music fest of the country. You have the best beaches; you have alcohol and the craziest line-up that the country witnesses every year! Come September and every third music lover in the country starts cribbing about how the passes are sold out already! Save up all that you have for December to have the time of your life in Goa.

2. Mahindra Blues-Mumbai

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You do not see loyal blues fans as often as you used to back in the day. But this genre of music is the perfect amalgamation of personal expression and traditions that it carries. A niche genre that has remained loyal to its nature since inception has found a special place in the form of Mahindra Blues held in Mumbai annually. Getting to you the best blues musicians for a two day-gala, there is a reason why its known as the finest blues fest in the whole of Asia.

3. NH-7 Weekender- Pune,Bangalore,Kolkata and Delhi

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Let`s take a short leap back to being mainstream. It is known to be one of the most fun fests organized across the country. So, it hardly comes as a surprise that travel plans to these cities start being made by the minute after the official dates are out. If indie music is your thing and being in crazy crowds gives you an adrenaline rush, then do not miss out NH-7 Weekender for anything!

4. Escape-Naukuchiatal,Uttarakhand

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This one is a lot more than just a music fest. It`s the celebration of art with music. You want to escape from your daily routine life, come to Escape! You will not only come across bands, artists, writers, photographers, painters but also a hoard of artists showcasing their graffiti skills and tattoo skills. Do not miss out on the vibrant flea market while you are here.

5. The Great Indian Oktoberfest-Bangalore 

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You dont really have to be depressed about not being able to attend the Oktoberfest at Munich anymore. The Oktoberfest in Bangalore runs along the same lines and promises you a full power crazy three day experience. You have a flea market, great food, lots of beer flowing and one of the best line-ups of musicians. So gear up, this is one festival you should not miss being at.

6. Shiva Squad Festival-Manali

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You are at Manali- there is one thing you obviously do. And if you get what that obvious thing is than Shiva Squad Festival is the perfect enhancer for that experience. Although you can come across a couple of musicians playing metal, blues and post rock, there is one genre this fest stays loyal to. To get into a trance like no other- this psy-trance fest deserves your attention at least once in a lifetime.

7. Ziro Festival- Arunachal Pradesh

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You know how once in our lives all of us want that village like experience where we have no worldly connections? Ziro village would automatically do that for you by offering no range. You get all the time in the world to re discover yourself and you know what`s an added perk? The Ziro Music festival`s line-up which consists of performers from across the country. Now that is one offer that would take a lot of will-power to refuse.

8. Hornbill Festival- Kohima, Nagaland

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Let`s go further east and take a dive into the world of music, art, dance and culture. What you get in return is a music contest for rock bands from participants all over the country. Localites and music lovers across this region swear by the craziness of this fest. You also have the chance to show off your rice-beer consumption abilities as you have ample availability of these here. Do not forget to look around you where you`d find hippies and rugged bikers in plenty!

9. Sula Fest, Nashik

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Nashik comes somewhere right in between when it comes to staying true to its roots and modernizing with the times. On one hand you have Kumbh Mela happens here and on the other hand you have the Sula Fest. This two-day fest is the perfect destination for anybody who wants to experience the most amazing vineyard in the country along with a crazy line-up of artists that would keep you high even if you choose to not have the wine here!

10. Dover Lane Music Conference, Kolkata

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Bengalis are known for keeping their culture really close to their heart. So, when the most vibrant city of the country hosts a dance and art festival; its only your loss if you miss out on it. Dover Lane Music Conference is an annual fest held in Kolkata in the month of January. With some beautiful dance performances as an added perk, this one is a treat for your eyes and ears alike!

11. Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Fest Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

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The town of Kasauli is a really underestimated tourist destination. The serenity this town provides is the best way for you to get away for a couple of days. The best time to plan a trip to this town is during the Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Fest. Fans of the most popular of genres claim that its a lovely place to be at. You put Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk Rock, Electro-Rock-Folk and Fusion and you will get this amazing fest which is held every April in Baikunth resorts.

12. Supersonic Festival- Goa

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Did you think Sunburn was your last chance to see Nikhil Chinappa? Well, he came back with Supersonic in India and its bigger than ever. If you are an EDM lover, then this festival definitely deserves a special place on your calendar. Let your hair down and experience one of the craziest and newest music fests of the country! Although you would not be disappointed but if you are someone whos really hard to impress, then you always can find solace in Goa beaches at this point in time. Do not miss out on it for the world!

13. Magnetic fields, Alsisar Mahal- Rajasthan

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Did you also like many other have a notion that palatial experiences in Rajasthan are only royal and traditional? What if I told you, that now you had a chance to mix this up with an amazing line up of musical events? Apart from finding it difficult to choose between the Worlds finest underground stars and India`s best and most forward thinking music, this place also puts in front of you various opportunities like dancing on the rooftop, hunting for buried treasure, flying kites at sunrise, secret parties and watching the desert come to life in a way you would not want to miss!

14. Gulmarg Winter Fest, Gulmarg, Kashmir

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The beauty of Kashmir is second to none. There is so much to do here, that no duration of time is enough to explore the place to ones hearts content! Winters here are mesmerizing and to top it all you have the Gulmarg Winter Fest accompanying this season. It has all your essentials- amazing food, winter celebrations, lovely music performances and of course the backdrop of Himalayas! So for Kashmir, WINTER IS COMING, but are you?

15. Enchanted Valley Carnival- Aamby Valley

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People from Bombay and Pune keep looking for a reason to go to Lonavla at any time. But during the Enchanted Valley Carnival, the reason is perfect. Aamby Valley situated close to Lonavla, Pune and Bombay hosts this truly enchanting festival. With the amazing line up of artists planned here, do not miss out on this perfect opportunity to explore Aamby Valley!


16. Dumru Festival

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Indias first festival of percussion, is a treat to anybody`s ears. You dont even have to understand the kind of music that is played here to love it. Firstly, its held in Pune- which is very fun by itself as a city. Secondly, Dumru is the only music festival in India which has pledged to donate all ticket sales towards Eradication of Malnutrition in India! So for the sake of humanity and goodwill, this festival deserves a special mention!

If you have attended any of these music festivals and you know of some other city with even more amazing music fests, please let us know! 

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