First Time in Hong Kong? 6 Sights Not to be Missed

As my first time in Hong Kong, I was taken in, by Hong Kong’s beauty and splendid skyline. It is a paradise for adventurous eater. Bakeries that sell flavours like wine cake, pineapple buns and egg tarts. Or choose for as much dim sum as you can eat. If you're tired of local and regional Chinese specialties, check out upscale offerings from some of the world's top chefs Of course, ‘Shopping’ word is always at the back of your mind but don’t forget to indulgence in Hong Kong’s beauty as well.

Best time to Visit Hong Kong: The best time to visit Hong Kong is between October and December. This period boasts comfortable temperatures and reasonable room rates.


Fancy having a 360 degree view of Hong Kong? Then head towards Victoria Peak which provides a bird’s eye view of the city. This is a great way to spend a quality 2-3 hours. Fabulous views from the observation points at the top, but even better if you can spend an hour and do the circular peaks walk. Here is your 360 degrees of opportunities to take great pictures. Big queues for tram that runs up and down the steep 45 degree angle so make sure you get a fast track pass to the twisty road and beat all the crowds! Once there feel refreshed soaking in the gorgeous views of the harbour and the sky-high buildings!

Once you reach the top, preferably by late evening, you will be welcomed by the Symphony of Lights the largest permanent light and sound show in the world.

Mak’s Noodle in Peak Galleria is a Michelin-star restaurant you may want to try out. The food is delicious, surprisingly cheap and has vegetarian options too. If not then, Burger King is at your service and always a saviour.


Lan Kwai Fong area is full of cool pubs all neatly lined together. These elevating roads provide great outdoor bars as well as posh indoor clubs. As a result, one ends up partying with the whole town. That’s Lan Kwai Fong for you. A short walk from Victoria Peak, this is very friendly area with superb connectivity. It's THE place to be for nightlife lovers. No worries if the bars, pubs, and restos get jam packed because you can literally party in the streets. There are "singers" on the streets you can sing or dance along with. Come in casual clothes or business attire from work or in party clothes with those killer stiletto heels - it really doesn't matter because the important thing is to ENJOY! Try to stay away from the Indian restaurants for once and try out the local specialties, beer included.

For you Western foreigners, this is the place that will strike you as home with a little twist of Hong Kong style. Lots of gastro pubs, craft beers, and happy hour deals those are too hard to resist. This is a great way to see the beautiful Hong Kong nightlife as well as a mix of Western and foreign transplants and tourists.


Don’t go by the name, which it got after the event of pirates being repelled by the British in 1841. Repulse bay will win you with its mesmerising beauty and picturesque seating. Being artificially extended you can notice the sand closer to the shore, coarser than further.. Go there for some peace and quiet equipped with a good read. Must try the chilly garlic noodles at the 7/11 outlet.


Tin Hau Temple is an "open air" temple at one end of Repulse Bay beach. If you are going to the beach then walk down (appropriately dressed) and pay this temple a visit. Also, remember to walk only once over the little "longevity" arched bridge to add years on to your life. If you walk back the same way came in then you get seriously bad luck!!


A full day activity, and highly recommended especially if travelling with kids. Easy to get there by train, has a dedicated Disney train directly to the park. The standard Disney characters were in abundance, so if you have children they will be happy to meet Mini and gang. Disneyland has always been a place best viewed with young children, and the Hong Kong site is no exception.


If you like Disneyland, then you will love Ocean Park. They have an amazing aquarium. Cable car might be a long line up but there is free wifi to keep you entertained and it is definitely worth the wait. Getting there is really easy from train and connecting bus ride. Plenty of toilets and food options and the map and signs make the park easy to navigate. Also, if your time and budget permits do encounter with the Dolphins (needs to be booked two days prior). It's amazing!


Hong Kong Island is wonderful, but a nice little escape out of the city to this island is a great idea. This attraction gets very busy. Be prepared to be in the queue for an hour to buy tickets even during the week. Other options are to take the 40min bus ride to the Buddha, but I recommend the cable car with the glass bottom. You get some spectacular views of the Big Buddha on the cable car as you approach the station. It is very calm and serene as it looks out over the island.

As you arrive at the big Buddha after walking through a tourist village it feels like there are almost a million steps to the top. It is crowded with a lot of people but it does not really matter. Take it slow, it is worth the effort. The view is great from the top over the island and it's nice to see the big Buddha up close. Worth a wander over to the monastery after you negotiate the steps down as well. Interesting to see how different cultures worship. One of the quietest places is the 'wisdom trail' the start of which is only a ten minute walking from it and the views are spectacular.

There are lot of unique places to visit in Hong Kong. But you must not miss these places in Hong Kong. Plan a trip to Hong Kong Now.

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