5 Must Visit National Parks in Karnataka Tour

By TripHobo Travel Expert on Mar 20, 2017
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Are you planning a Karnataka tour? The state is famous for its monuments, cuisine and architecture. What people miss mostly in Karnataka is its fauna wealth. 25% of the elephants in India are present in this state. 25% of the country’s tiger population is located in Karnataka. The western region of the state is a biodiversity hotspot due to the presence of mountain ranges including Western Ghats. Karnataka has several wildlife and bird sanctuaries and parks.

1. Bandipur National Park

The park was established in 1974. Prior to that, it was a royal hunting area. The park is located 204 km from the capital of the state. The park spreads for 874 sq kilometer. Top animals to spot are elephants, tigers, gaur, vipers and others. If you are up for an adventure time, you can book a room inside the park and spend a night in the raw wild. There are more than 200 species of birds in the park and it is an important birdwatcher spot in the state. Top birds to spot are bee-eaters, red-headed vultures, crested serpent eagles, hoopoes, flower peckers and others. October to March is the best time to spot a lot of birds here.

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2. Bannerghatta National Park

This park is located near Bangalore and was declared as a park in 1974. It is an important tourist attraction. Top attractions to enjoy are Butterfly Park, safari, snake house, aquarium, zoo, pet corner and others. There are a few ancient temples inside the park. This park is famous for hiking and trekking. There is an elephant sanctuary inside the park too. Top animals to spot are elephant, tiger, barking deer, leopard, fox, wild boar, Indian gazelle, Asiatic lion, Royal Bengal tiger, common langur, hare, sloth bear and others. There is a small theatre in the zoo that put up simple shows too. There is a museum inside the butterfly park.

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3. Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole national park was declared as a reserve area in 1999. It is also called as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. It is a world heritage site and is rich with waterfalls, streams, valleys and others. It is famous for elephants, tigers and bisons. You can spot Sambar deer, antelope, sloth bear, Indian leopard, striped hyena and others here. There are more than 270 species of birds in this park making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Top birds to spot are greater spotted eagle, Oriental white backed vulture, Nilgiri wood pigeon and others. The park is very famous for a pleasant drive in a car through the park. Beware of animals crossing the road.

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4. Anshi National Park

Anshi Park is a part of Dandeli sanctuary. It is a part of Project Tiger. The park has many mammals including sloth bear, giant squirrel, deer, bonnet macaque and others. You can easily spot tigers, elephants and leopard. There are 97 species of birds here. Best time to visit the park is during spring. The place is famous for its Western Ghat environment.

5. Kuduremukha Park

The name literally means face of a horse. The park gets its name from its structure that resembles the face of a horse. Top animals to spot are tiger, wild dog, leopard, bonnet macaque, sambar, gaur and lion tailed macaque. Tourists can stay in guest houses or tents located inside the park. Trekking to the peak in the park is an important activity here. Hanuman gundi waterfalls are a beautiful spot for picnic in the trekking route. There are 13 trekking routes inside the park and is a paradise for trekkers.

Each park has its own set of safety regulation and rules. Before you plan your Karnataka tour to enjoy wildlife, it is important to learn about the rules in each park and follow them. Karnataka tour does not end with wildlife attractions. Starting from beaches to palaces, there are a lot to enjoy in this state.

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