5 Must-Visit Places in Ahmedabad

The city of the famous Dandi March- Ahmedabad is not confined to its age-old identityonly, but contemporary India knows this huge city of Ahmedabad as the city housing the best institute of management studies also.

Starting from historical monuments and forts, mosques, to vintage car museums, lakes and sanctuaries- Ahmedabad has so much to offer that you cannot get enough of it in a short trip.As per your budget, you can comfortably select your stay from a long list of good Gujarat hotels . As there are numerous tourist spots in Ahmedabad, we present to you a handful of names of places which are must visits when you are in the city for a while.

Sabarmati Ashram

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This is the place which had witnessed the latter part of Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle on the way to independence. Sabarmati Ashram, now housing Mahatma Gandhi’s personal assets like his wooden slippers, handwritten letters, had once served as the leader’s second home.Once you step into the campus of Sabarmati Ashram, you can find various wooden arrangements of producing indigenous goods, housed in small tiled houses. One of these is Gandhiji’s wooden spinning-wheel- ‘Charkhha’, representing Swadeshi.

Sarkhej Roja

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A few kilometres to the south-west from the city of Ahmedabad, sprawls this complex of mosque. The tomb of Shaikh Ahmed Ganj Baksh a Sufi saint is housed here in this campus. This Sufi cultural centre, housing a small lake, upholds both Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture, the ornate carvings on the walls represent Hindu style of architecture while the domes represent the latter.

Manek Chowk

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Ahmedabad comes alive on this market area during the late hours of night. This market was dedicated to the trade of precious gems and jewels, in the yester years. Now this ‘Manek chowk’ serves as a trade centre for vegetables in the early hours of the day and the turns into ‘Foodies Chowk’ after sunset. The oldest of jewellery shops of the city are centred at this place.The place starts bustling with lights and colours when the food stalls take it over at the evening hours. People savour on the Indian delicacies, served fresh and sizzling on tables.You just cannot afford to deprive your taste buds from the lip-smacking Pav Bhaji,Chocolate-pizza, chocolate sandwich and Asharfi kulfi- few of the must-haves of this place.

Kankaria Lake

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Being one of the favourite spots for the residents of Ahmedabad, this lake has secured its place at the top of the list of must-visit tourist places as well. Food stalls, various water rides, toy trains and zoo are few of the amusements one gets at this place.

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A small white bird wading with a bill curved slightly upwards, and brown feathers darting from its white body, flies all the way from Central parts of Europe to this bird sanctuary at Gujarat, every winter. Over two hundred birds from all over the world nests here in the winters. Godwits and many other birds including the ones with brightly coloured tails or throats conspicuous on their impeccable white bodies wading on the tranquil blue waters and roaming around the lush green landsof this sanctuary- rightfully make this place top the list of must-visit places in Gujarat.

The list of what Gujarat has in store for its visitors goes long, apart from the above listed places. The heritage resorts in Gujarat also manifolds the pleasure of your stay in the city.


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