This Man Just Won a 16-Bedroom Grand Seaside Resort

By Mandar Pandhare on Jan 08, 2019
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Joshua, a mystery man from New South Wales would've never dreamt of winning a three-acre, 16-bedroom resort located on an island near Queensland, Australia and that too by spending just $AUD 65 on a raffle ticket.
He was one of those thousands of people who tried their luck by buying raffle tickets of Kosrae Nautilus Resort, a lavish seaside resort in Kosrae, Micronesia which the Beitz family (the owners) had raffled.

Source: Caters News Agency   

The draw was slated for July 26 and anyone anywhere in the world was allowed to buy the ticket. About 50,000 tickets were needed to be sold so that it combined to the worth of the resort- $AUD 3.3 million.

And then came the D-Day! The results were announced and ticket number 44,980 was declared the winner. The ticket belonged to Joshua and since then, his world changed forever.

Joshua now is a proud winner of this grand resort along with the scuba diving business and 80-seater restaurant. 
The reason why Beitz family gave their assets to one lucky winner was because they wanted to be closer to their family. Due to emotional attachment with the place, they didn’t sell it to some Mr. Moneybags. Instead, they wanted someone who had always dreamt of living on an island.
But what if, the family failed to sell 50,000 tickets? They had a backup, ready!
They had planned that they would pay the winner half the amount generated by the ticket sales and the other half would be used for covering the costs like advertising. But the backup was not required at all as the whole debt was paid through ticket sales as announced by the PR of Beitz family.
The family took to Facebook to announce the winner and the users congratulated Joshua for his unimaginable win! 


Source:  Facebook/Kosrae Nautilus Resort

Here are some of the striking images of Joshua’s newly owned resort:













A rags to riches story, indeed! 

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