Naked Travel- The Next Thing Rocking the Travel Industry!

By Renuka Shahane on Apr 18, 2017
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‘Naked is the best disguise’

How true! The clothes that drape our bodies also lend us a pretence, an identity that defines us, and which separates us from our most natural form. Imagine, if you can get rid of the outfits and enjoy the world the way we entered it.

Welcome Naked Travel!

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Yes, it’s a real thing. And if you thought it is new, it is not. The American Association for Nude recreation (AANA) has been active since 1931 and has been promoting Nude tourism. Nude beaches, Fine dining, cruise party, Yoga session, stay at an all-inclusive resort and bike rallies, Naked travel industry is exponentially spreading its horizons. So far, Nude travel is popular among the age-group of 45+, but more and more options are being introduced, to rope in the millennials. So, while there are several robe-less resorts and clothes-optional cruises, one can also find the ones reserved for novice nudists.

According to the founder of one of the very first nude travel agencies that has been organising nude cruises, the number of bookings has been steadily increasing. London’s one and only clothes-optional restaurant ‘The Bunyadi’ has a waiting list of around 30,000, according to an internet survey. Looks like, the naked travel is attracting more enthusiasts!

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This $400-million industry is spread over United States, Canada and Mexico. Some of the most recommended nude travel experiences are a Tahiti Cruise, resorts in Cancun, Mexico and Washington (for its nude Bike Ride).

It is important to note that, plenty of conventional nude clubs don’t associate with the idea of sexual opportunities like ‘swinging’, but naked travel can. Hence, it is very crucial to know about the activity that you participate in, before you sign up!

Also, you also need to know few key rules. Most of these nude travel experiences restrict use of electronics, especially a camera or a phone. Also, some nude resorts are couples-only, few are reserved only for singles.

Said to be asserting a positive body image, Nude travel is the new talk of the travel-town, are you up for it?

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