Being Indian Video Of Mumbai Guy Dancing In A Traffic Jam

How much does it take to be happy? If you ask a Mumbaikar, not too much. The spirit of Mumbaikars is legendary. And often exemplary in the face of dire consequences. What is this spirit anyway? It goes beyond merely dusting yourself and moving on after every disaster. It is the intense urge to live, not just survive, and even thrive in the midst of chaos and bedlam.

A vibrant mix of cultures and geographies collide in this magical city that gives you a resilience and gusto like no other place in the world. History is proof of the average Mumbaikar’s quintessential quality of undying bravado and adaptability. There are hundreds of instances of an ordinary man or woman stepping up in the face of tragedy. Whether it’s a Gujrati businessman transporting people free of cost in his fleet of commercial vehicles on the horrific night of 26/11or regular people on the road taking time out and stepping up for a cause, there are hundreds of unsung heroes in the sea of Mumbaikars .

What happens when you’re stuck in one of those epic traffic jams of Mumbai? Well, besides a few grey hairs on your head, you are bound to notice something extraordinary for sure. Like this hilarious incident caught on video. Mumbaikars have sort of made their peace with the intermittent traffic situation of the city. And like they say, when life gives you lemons, it’s time to make some lemonade! A bunch of enthusiastic people made the most of the few moments when the bustling city stood still and converted the mundane roads into their very own dance club!
Stuck in a choc-o-bloc traffic jam, you see one attractive bloke shake a leg on some popular hindi songs, joined soon after by other car travelers and onlookers. The sheer spirit of stubborn joy and the exuberance is simply heart warming and is almost palpable in the video. Whether it’s the legendary Ganpati dance moves or the irrepressible vivacity, this video puts a smile on your face instantly.

Mumbai's Spirit

This is exactly why Mumbai's Spirit is commendable! While they were stuck in a traffic jam, they decided to start the party on the streets ;)#MustWatch

Posted by Being Indian on Monday, January 4, 2016

Mumbaikars are a crazy lot for sure. They live in one of the busiest, most cramped metropolis’ of the world and fight hard for their living despite the many challenges that this city throws on them. This unique DNA has made them passionate and head strong. There’s so much to learn about life from this video, the most important lesson being ; if you have the right attitude, life can be a party in the crappiest of situations!

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