Digital Detox- The Hottest Trend In Travel

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When was the last time you were completely disarmed with no phone in the vicinity? When you weren’t continuously texting using emojis, taking that instagram worthy picture of your muesli for breakfast or pouting in that selfie you took for the 10th time? You need a break, better a vacation, even better-silence.
Silence is golden and gold is expensive. So is Digital Detox, which is the newest fad that has everyone talking about. The whole idea behind it is to getaway, without your wifi signal trailing you. With the 21st century making it uncontrollable for people to not squint on their phone,tablet, laptop and even their watch! Retreats have been springing out of nowhere, creating a much more comfortable stay for those who don’t want to spend their weekend in a damp cabin in the middle of nowhere. 


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Luxury is an understatement when it comes to the trendiest digital detox retreat in Chewton Glen, Hampshire England with a quick swipe of $2,248 for two nights, you’ll find yourself either living in its uber lavish treehouses or in the estate itself, pampered with facials and massages, and a few classes of yoga/meditation, with alkaline based foods to help revitalize the mind and body. 
Chiva som is another classic example of a detox resort in Thailand, where they immerse you into healthy activities like nordic walking, kayaking, muay thai and aqua therapy for total unplugged relaxation. They encourage you to read from the communal library or try some cooking classes to elevate the mind. All this for $ 2,840 for 3 days and you have yourself a peaceful and quiet place to recuperate from those withdrawals.
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The SHA Wellness Clinic is located on the breathtaking coast of Spain and has everything that will relax your knotted up chest and twitching fingers. A 4-day stay can set you back to around $2372 but with world class facilities such as hydro-energetic cleaning, cupping massages, turkish baths and acupuncture. You’ll sure feel a lot more relaxed without your other half. Not to mention helicopter tours around the coast and jet skis to keep your mind from wandering back to work or your buzzing phone.
All these extravagant centres have one thing in common, no communication with the outside world unless an emergency, and if you give in your laptops and phones they give you a discount for self-restraint! However, not all of us can afford such luxurious retreats which leaves us with the easiest and cheapest method of digital detox. Pulling out your router mercilessly and tossing your phone aside without a second thought. Guess what? You saved yourself thousands of dollars and can pat yourself on the back for not being so obsessed with your phone as you thought you were. 
If you still remain unconvinced, why not give it a shot and let us know how your digital cleanse worked out? And if the mere thought of that scares you, I guess you should be the first to try it!
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