Nile River Cruise - Explore the Mystique Nile

Explore the mystique Nile


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There are numerous dilemmas whether the Nile is officially the longest river in the world or not. But one thing is sure - it is definitely one of the most beautiful and the most mysterious. The areas, through which this grandiose river passes, from tropical rain forests to endless desert landscapes, are just breath-taking.

The Nile was the lifeblood of Egyptian civilization, and to this day, it remained so. Defying the merciless Sahara, and keeping the area around it fertile and fit for life, this river deserves a special place on the world tourist map and is worth a visit.

Discover all natural and historical sight of Egypt


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Traveling the Nile is a unique opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful landscapes and sights of ancient Egypt. Nile cruising allows you to enjoy the beauty of the river that has marked the history of this country and which continues to be the heart and soul of Egypt. The Nile also represents a significant economic resource for Tanzania, Uganda, and Sudan, as well as neighboring countries where all major tributaries' springs are.

Most Nile River Cruise tours start or end in Egypt. Depending on the requirements of the passengers and types of the cruise, there are many variants of these travel arrangements. Each of them will present you Egypt in a different way.

Nile cruises offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with the pearls of world architecture such as temples in Luxor (ancient Thebes), the Valley of Kings or Memnon's Colossus, as well as visiting modern cities such as Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and Alexandria, located in the Nile Delta at the coast of the Mediterranean.

Most tourists, who come to this magical country for the first time, think that Egyptian tourism is only about the pyramids and safaris. They are wrong. Given that Egyptian civilization is one of the foundations of the modern world, the culture and history of this country are much more diverse and richer than it is presumed.

Many ways for exploring the Nile


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The Nile is navigated by most of its flow. The fact that river is very "busy" over the year allows a wide range of tourist arrangements for cruises and additional excursions. Besides the large ships, whose passengers are going to visit all Nile sights during one tour, there are also a number of tourist boats for short trips. Big cruisers remind of floating hotels, have a regular travel plan and only land at large ports. This way of traveling is suitable for those who, apart from tourist attractions, want to enjoy in parties and luxury.

For those who want to save some money, and again, to see the best that Egypt and Nile offer, they can opt for Nile cruise on feluccas. Since these boats are smaller than cruisers, they can land in minor ports, so you will probably see more places and return from a trip with a richer experience.

Feluccas are useful if you want to go through cataracts on the Nile, like the one in Aswan. Most of the big cruisers are finishing their journey here because these specific waterfalls represent a kind of obstacle for large ships. You can certainly continue with some of the smaller boats.

The best time to go on the Nile River Cruise is from October to April when there is no unbearable heat. Because of the climate, some tourist attractions are open only during this period.

Why to go down the Nile?

Cruising down the Nile is an extraordinary experience because, even when you are not able to see the ancient temples and monuments from nearby, the view of them from the river is magnificent. At night, these temples shine, and these scenes are truly impressive.

The few days that you will spend exploring Egypt are unbeatable, because this country is a unique blend of modern and antique, urban and rural, energy and peace. 

The locals will welcome you like a king; with their immediacy and kindness, they'll make your trip unforgettable. It is once-in-a-lifetime adventure, after which you will have many amazing memories and experiences.


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