Nomadic Tribes of the World

By Fedora Lobo on Feb 09, 2016
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Nomads! They’re the people who keep looking for places more favorable for survival. They never settle down for one place. They choose a better area to dwell on the basis of the basis of food, water and propitious weather conditions. The nomadic tribes conform to ancient traditions and are oblivious of worldly situations or circumstances. They live on the outskirts and belong to three categories viz; the hunter-gatherers, the pastoral nomads and the peripatetic nomads.

This blog will give you a deeper insight to nomads, their types and their lives.

The Mikea

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They live in South Western Madagascar and speak a dialect of Malagasy tongue. The occupation of this tribe is foraging and maize horticulture. They do not fear the wild animals, venomous snakes or scorpions that they often encounter in the forest. In fact, the Mikea tribe depend on the forest to fulfil their needs. The liberal tribe has a different way of living life. A few of them have migrated to cities and have begun to live lives like you and me.

The Toguti

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The forest is the home for this nomadic tribe in the world and the sacred forest of Almahera in Indonesia is where you’ll find them. This tribe is a little strange, just like the rest. They believe in spirits (what we often call ghosts). The Toguti tribe believes that the spirits guide them of dangers and future comings through their chief. They accept change better than anything else and adapt accordingly.

The Masuane

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In an infamous part of Indonesia, on an archipelago between Borneo and New Guinea, live the Masuane tribe. This tribe is smart about the weather and can tell about the periodic changes the occur. You’d never find them in a single place for a long time. They plan their migrations based on seasonal changes, for food. They feed on the Sago tree, especially.

The Una Tribe

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The Una tribe is a Native American Mixed-Blood Tribe. The tribe makes polished stone and make their first axe only in their mid-thirties. Una stands for ‘United Native American’ nation of mixed blood. The tribe was originally recognized by the name ‘Nwambu People’. However later the tribe agreed to be known as the Una Tribe of Mixed-Bloods.’

The Kayapo

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This tribe resides in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest in the state of Para. They call themselves "Mebengokre” which simply means "people of the wellspring” while they refer to people like you and me as "Poanjos’. The chief occupation of the Kayapo tribe is hunting. The staple diet includes fish, Brazilian nuts, wild fruits and more. This tribe also features the largest indigenous reservation in Brazil.

The Mursi

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The Mursi tribe is an African nomadic tribe of Omo valley in Southern Ethiopia, near the border with Sudan. The tribe perceives the human body as canvas and hence perform artistic designs over each other from clay obtained from the river banks. The tribe poses a vivid culture which is but interesting. When a girl attains puberty they have her lower lip pierced so she can wear a wooden disk around her mouth. Weird fascination of the tribe, however, the size of the disk is an indication to the amount of dowry expected by the girl.

The Awa Guaja

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Residing in rainforest environments, the Awa Guaja are usually spotted in the East of Brazil. The men of the tribe hunt for fresh prey while the women harvest fruits and vegetables. However, today the tribe is found in bits and pieces in several parts of the world.

The Toulambi

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Nestled in the hilly areas of Papua, New Guinea, resides the Toulambi tribe. This tribe is fond of accessories and hence wear necklaces of river shells and feathers put together. Most of the tribe is addicted to tobacco and go tipsy on it all day.

The Agtas

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The Agtas tribe have occupied the mountains of Sierra Madre and have been at the same spot for about 30 thousand years now. However, if invaded, the tribe shies away instead of putting up a fight. The quality of soil on the mountain range is high and hence most of the world is in an attempt to acquire it. Fish, honey, wild fruits, roots and fresh game in the form of boars, deer or other animals makes for their staple diet. The tribe believes that animals and plants have souls too. The tribe has lost about 25 percent of its population over the last 3 decades.

The Poturu

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The Poturu’s are distinguished by the white Poturu wood they wear the stand out as a separate tribe. They speak Tupi tongue and are completely unaffected to the changes happening in the world around them. this tribe can be found in Northern Brazil, in unexplored rainforests.

The tribes contribute majorly in maintaining the flora and fauna around the world. Although their ways of living maybe absurd I’m sure most of us have at least one of the beliefs or habits they carry as personality traits, in our lives.

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