Norway is Considering to move its Border to Gift a Mountain to Finland

Well Ok! it's a tricky title and Norway is not exactly moving a mountain, but the border by 20 mts, but why ?? To gift a mountain to its neighbor, Finland for its 100th birthday. *FEELS*
What is the best ever present that has been gifted to you on any of your birthdays or anniversaries? A watch, mobile, bike or if you have exceptionally generous grandparents then a car perhaps? Celebs have also known to shower their fans and loved ones with solitaires, precious mementos or villas. But now listen to this! Finland, on the occasion of its 100th year of Independence, might be getting a full 1,365 metres tall mountain as a gift! Yes! A freaking mountain! No! It probably won’t be gift-wrapped!
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Jokes apart, at a time when most of the countries around the globe are busy waging wars and fighting bitterly for land, water and oil, Norway has set an example for others with their selfless thought of gifting back to their dear neighbours. It shows the strong bonds both countries have with each other and their sense of camaraderie.
If we look back in history there have been quite a few such incidents of generosity which made us believe the world still has some hope left:

Statue of Liberty


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Gifted to the USA by France, the representation of Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, is one of the most famous icons of American Independence.

Teardrop Monument

The Russians presented their Cold War rivals with this 10 story tall structure in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks showing that petty issues should be forgotten when greater evil still persists.

The Merci Train


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Another gift from the French, The Merci Train comprised of 49 railroad box cars that were filled with small presents from grateful French citizens, who wanted to thank the Americans for their food and relief supplies after the 2nd World War.

Senate Gavel


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Not many people are aware of this, but India gifted the USA with an ivory-made, hourglass shaped gavel on October 17, 1954. The gavel was a replica of the original which was damaged during a Senate session.
Take a bow Norway!
Do you know of some other grand gifts that we might have missed? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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