The Notting Hill Carnival in London

  • UPDATED Aug 23, 2018
Image Source: wikimedia.commons

The Notting Hill Carnival celebration first started in the year 1966. It was an offshoot of the carnival of Trinidad which celebrated the culture of the Caribbean and also the tradition in London.

The first ever Notting Hill Carnival was attended by about a few more than hundred people and since then there's no looking back for the carnival. The number of visitors has been increasing year by year. It received so much love that the Notting Hill Carnival has become the largest street festival hosted in Europe.  

The carnival witnesses participation from as many as 50,000 performers who are all a part of the parade and sound systems more than 30.  Over a single weekend, more than 1 million people come and visit the Notting Hill Carnival. 


The details of the Notting Hill Carnival for 2018 are: 

1. Venue : London 

Start Date: Sunday, 26-Aug-2018

End Date: Monday, 27-Aug-2018


The main aim of having a carnival of such a kind is to foster the creative development and enhance the presence of diverse excellence. This will help in transforming the perceptions of the people in the locality, the country and around the globe about the NottingHill carnival. Thus gaining for it local and international recognition. 


The mission of hosting such is mission is to use art and creativity to educate, engage, empower integrate and entertain individuals, transform their perceptions and inspire their artistic excellence. 


The events include a panorama night, a parade or a family day which takes place on a Sunday and the Monday parade or what is called the grand finale. 

The panorama is a fantastic evening which one can spend with their family under the glowing night sky. There are various street bands, traditional and local dances and a full Caribbean atmosphere that one can enjoy. There is also a competition between bands and other entertainers. 

The Sunday is actually a fun day. There is a childrens parade where the children get an opportunity to showcase their vibrant costumes and dance alone the route assigned to the parade.  There are captivating tunes played by bands and other music systems along the route.

There are various performances staged on the “World Music Stage”. There also take place a large number of calypso and soca performances. The carnival has a lot of variety of food, drinks, family workshops and is a paradise for anyone who loves music. 

The event is a full day event filled with various activities. It starts at the morning around 9 am and usually goes on late till the evening. 

Another conjoined event is the Jouvert which takes place before the Sunday Parade. It starts off at 6 am and goes on until the start of the Sunday Parade. This event marks the opening of the parade. There is a procession take place and people participating get to dance to the tunes of African drummers. 

The final show down starts with the Monday parade. The grand parade is a display of vibrant tune and colors. 60 bands are mesmerizing costumes dance to the rhythms of the songs and tunes played. There is another sea of vocals where many bands and singers and groups perform. 

The days activities also start in the morning around 9 am and go up till late in the evening. Be a part of this vibrant, melodious and mesmerizing festival and add to the glory of it. Test your management skills by seeing how many of the exceptional 38 bands can you pay a visit to and get lost in their tunes. Get some thrill, get some tune set your feet tapping get into the mood.