Offbeat Beachtowns Close to Mumbai

By Guest Blogger on Jan 08, 2019
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Beaches remind me of all things shimmery and timeless. Whenever I think about the beaches, the first thought that striked my mind is the joy of having my feet soaked deep in the soft sand, the exhilarating feeling of having a glimpse of the clear sky bursting into vibrant tones of gold, orange and pink after a day full of blue hues and its silver lining! 

The conch shells suppressed in the softness of the smooth sand remind me of how little time we have to hold on to grudges and grievances. At this moment, I am fascinated by the thought of sandcastles, I recollect how time bound we are. One moment holds in me a breath of relaxation while in the next moment or two I do not know what might come. One tide in a go, and it’s all back to square one.

This land and its golden crystals remind me of how life is all about living and rejoicing every moment we have, because this is just a handful of the time we have, so why not live it with entirety; minus all the past regrets and the future worries!

So this post here is dedicated to all those beautiful beach-towns near Mumbai which taught me how to live life entirely and not allow any tiny second to pass by without a smile :)

Bordi Beach 

If you are looking for rocky, scenic beaches covered by a pink sunset-sky then this is where you must go. Enjoying the glee of being the only wanderer then, I could feel and empathize every essence of the sun going down and with its reflection and the rocks turning gold. 

With an influence of a wee bit of Portuguese history, Bordi can be your one go-to place if you want to enjoy beaches just by yourself! 

Diveagar Beach

Cosily nestled in a beach town located on the fringes of the Konkan coast with green hills and clear beaches, I found myself waking up to the pitter-patter of the rain and with that the aroma of the petrichor strengthening to its subtle intensity! What better a morning could it be! 

I put on my flip-flops and headed to explore this tiny town only to find myself being awestruck by an ancient temple followed by a white-sand beach with clear waters and zero crowds. 

I was at complete peace, soulfully and mindfully; just to experience the beauty of slowing down a bit, getting off the track from the mundane rush and living a little more. 

As I sat there, I had lost track of time of how beautifully an hour passed by, just by staring blankly and dreaming wildly at the gushing beauty right in front of me. 

I saw how it came near me and just in the very moment left me all to myself. Came back again and departed once more, just to remind me of how much time we hold within to past misadventures and future uncertainties. 

Somewhere here, in pure solace, I found my answers of slowing down a bit and living every moment life has to offer.


I drove past Sapota Farms at one instance, while in the next, I found myself in an abandoned mansion in the premises of a ruined fort. I saw the panorama change drastically in a blink of an eye until I could finally feed my heart to a long stretch of almost-empty beach dotted with tiny boats at a distance. 

Dahanu is one of a kind with pure heterogeneity ranging from offbeat beaches, paradisal backwaters, historical forts and pure nature. 


Nuzzled in the edges of the historical town of Bassein, Rangaon is one beach where I found shells beautifully flecked all over the beautiful stretch of wet black sand.

The turquoise backwaters and the plain fields lined with fishermen bungalows and the locals weaving fishnets is something of a sort which every urbanite would love to catch a glance of! 

Every moment passed at any of these beach-towns is something I love getting back to again and again.

Over to you now, do you too feel the beaches are timeless and made up of all things shimmery?

What i recommend:

Diveagar - With just a bunch of hotels, resorts and home-stays serving fresh, home-cooked meals offering a blissful stay. 

Ideally, most visitors drop off during the rainy season, but if you are looking for a hint of local interaction and vibe then the monsoons are the best time to visit.

Dahanu & Bordi - Best time of the day - Sunset and Sunrise. If you can cycle along this tiny beach-town, you would be treating yourself with the best of beachy landscapes!

Bordi - Only accessible by roads. 

Rangaon - Best time of the day - Sunset and Sunrise. Only accessible by roads. 

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