10 Offbeat Places To Visit In Eastern Europe

By Janhavi Desai on Feb 08, 2019
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Eastern Europe is always considered as an unexplored destination where only a few would visit. I mean, why would anyone want to go to an astounding beauty like Eastern Europe? Where the crowd won’t hound you, the people are homely and welcoming and the places are enchanting as ever? I’m not going to sell you on why you should visit eastern europe, because the place sells for itself, honestly.
Don't believe us? Well have a look at these charming and offbeat places to visit in Eastern Europe for yourself!

1. Sibiu, Romania

Image source: pixabay 

A quaint medieval city in Transylvania. Yes, that’s right the place where Count Dracula lurks around in his castle. While the gothic Bran Castle itself is a must visit, Sibiu is something out of a fairytale. With enormous snow-capped mountains covering the city like a protective fortress. Sibiu, is so tiny you can cover the entire place by foot, isn’t that a relief? The Brukenthal national museum and the Holy Trinity cathedral are definite must visits. But honestly, you should just take in Sibiu as it is.

2. Nida, Lithuania

Image SOurce: Pixabay.com

A precious town that shares borders with Russia is so vibrant and colorful you’d be taken aback by the technicolor cottages and boats parked by the key. It’s located near the curonian spit which is basically a huge chunk of land half submerged in the baltic sea and a celebrated UNESCO site. You can hike to the Nida dunes and splash away at its beach and if you like a bit of history, the fisherman museum is quite a unique place to visit.

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3. Skopje, Macedonia

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Macedonia? Can it get any offbeat than this? Skopje the capital of Macedonia is full of surprises. Located on the banks of the Vardar river, the stone bridge links the old Skopje to the new modern city of Macedonia. Full of museums and art, the amalgamation of ottoman, European and Asian culture is the essence of this pretty city. Famous attractions are the millennium cross, frescoes of the Saint Panteleimon and of course the Matka Canyon a deep gorge with hidden caves and several monasteries!

4. Riga, Latvia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This bustling city is not on everyone’s list which is such a shame. The birth of the most exquisite art and baltic culture still remains in this old charmed city but also shows change and modernity with art nouveau structures and enticing gastronomy. There's plenty to see in this cosmopolitan city like the freedom monument, the swedish gate, the occupational museum and the many districts that look like a postcard from heaven. Riga also has many water sport activities for adventure hungry tourists. Be sure to let the city sink into, because it’s pure magic.

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5. Kotor, Montenegro

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If narrow winding streets overlooking limestone cliffs of Lovcen excites you, you’re definitely in for a treat. An impenetrable fortress on the adriatic sea, this gorgeous historical town is flanked with Romanesque churches, beautifully done squares and plenty of river rafting and tubing activities. It also has a cat museum! Who doesn't want to go there? Kotor is total eyecandy as the sprawling bay leaves you breathless and makes you think why you haven’t been here before.

6. Berat, Albania

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Known as the City of A Thousand Windows, and rightly so! With houses stacked one on top of another the whole city looks like a vision of white. Situated on the banks of the river osum, the view is just  unbelievably spectacular. Inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list, Berat has a lot to offer. Explore the Quoter of Gorica for it’s rich ottoman culture that just seeps through the wall as well as its many museum and churches that tell a rich story of this 2,413 year old city. Home to plenty of wineries, do stop by for a glass of some spiced wine.

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7. Tallinn, Estonia

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Unending cobblestoned roads and bright brown roofs, Tallinn is now becoming a popular playground for many travel enthusiasts. With tall town houses and castles with amazing vistas, this humble city brings out any children’s tale to life. Numerous art galleries and scenic lakes take over this city as well as an iconic prison and an ex-KGB headquarter. Let’s not forget the roaring nightlife they have here with bars spilling onto to roads, a perfect destination to have some fun!
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8. Orheiul Vechi, Moldova

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you can’t pronounce it, it’s definitely off-beat, am I right? Otherwise known as Old Orhei, this sleepy town in Moldova has its iconic monostrey worth having a peek at. Hauntingly beautiful, it has an ethnographic museum and several caves to wander in. A destination on its own, there’s nothing greater than the open crisp air and the echo into the valley while you get lost in its enchanting beauty and jaw dropping views from the top.

9. Olomouc, Czech Republic

Image source: wikimedia.commons 

A sprawling metropolis, Olomouc is a mixture of rich history and an idyllic spot to soak in the culture of Czech Republic. A baroque beauty and a hidden gem, it lies astride the Morava river and has the most exquisite fountains. Definite things to see- The Holy Trinity Column listed as a UNESCO heritage, the Olomouc town hall, the astronomical clock that can give Big Ben a run for its money and the many quaint and intricate designed palaces and churches. Everything here is grand and over the top in the most delightful way.

10. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The capital of Slovenia, and probably the capital of our hearts. This verdant city can be perfectly explored on a cycle. Tread through the dragon bridge while passing by cute cafes and stop at the central market to buy some goodies and mingle with the friendly locals. Ljubljana boasts of its exciting nightlife but be sure to wake up the next morning to a packed day of visiting the old town, tivoli park or maybe do a bit of parasailing. Who knows? The city is a treasure trove in itself.

Well, you know what to do. It’s time for you to pack your bags and head out and see these gorgeous sights yourself of course! 
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