Offbeat Places To Visit in Spiti Valley

By Hamsa Mohan on Dec 05, 2016
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Himachal Pradesh is on the bucket list of every traveler. Arguably on the best road trip destinations in India, the journey to Spiti Valley is both breathtaking and magnificent. While the valley by itself is a beauty, several hidden gems make the place a must visit. Here are the eight offbeat places to visit in Spiti valley for a wanderlust expedition.

1. Chichum Mountain ropeway


Image Source: Giridhar Appaji Nag Y/flickr

An uphill battle, this mountain ropeway is a long walk from the village of Kibber. The locals have built a ropeway that ingeniously connects two mountain peaks. Any slightest look down reveals a deep gorge through the passage. If you are acrophobic, then it is best to avoid this activity. However, this ropeway is an adrenaline rush for all the adventure seekers and wanderers. One of the marvels of this ropeway is that although locally constructed, it is one of the strongest construction as there has been no single accident since its opening. Enjoy mesmerizing views of one of the most famous valleys in Himachal Pradesh from thr ropeway.

2. Explore Dhankar Lake


Image Source: Wolfgang Maehr/flickr

A one and half hour trip from Dhanka Monastery, the path taken to reach Dhankar Lake is through Spiti river. The entire trip to reach Dhankar Lake is filled with the serene and picturesque beauty of the calm and peaceful surrounding. Soon after you trek up the hill from Dhanka Monastery, the spectacular view of the village emerges from beneath. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the lake is filled with fishes that create mild ripples and gushing of water.

3. Langza for birdwatching 


Image Source: Krishna G S/flickr   

Considered one of the highest villages in the world, Langza is probably the only accessible high altitude village in the world. Given its positioning, one can spot many of the endangered species of the Tibet in the Langza village including Tibetan wolf, Himalayan Griffon, snow leopards, etc. Another exciting things to do in Spiti when you are in Langza village is bird watching. One needn’t worry about being a professional birdwatcher to notice the stunning birds flying above their heads every day. The beauty of these birds speaks for themselves as they fly against the bright blue sky.

4. Full moon by the Spiti River


Image Source: Sankara Subramanian/flickr 

Plan you travel along the Spiti River to coincide with the full moon night. The light from the moon bejewels the clear water of the river. A perfect spot to unwind and relax, the Spiti River allows you to lay there covered by a blanket of stars and listen to the melody of the gushing water along the shores. These shores are filled with pebbles and rocks and therefore, do not support bike rides on them. So, park your bike or car at a distance and walk along them for an unforgettable experience.

5. Walk through Nako village


Image Source: snotch/flickr

Traveling through Kinnaur route, one cannot escape the beauty of the Nako village. With beautiful tall mountain surroundings, the village is closely situated to a minuscule yet lovely Nako Lake. The village is more like a maze with many lanes and by-lanes. An impressive view awaits you as you walk through the by-lanes of the village and witness the houses made of only stones and mud. 

6. Relax at the caves of Tabo


Image Source: snotch/flickr

Holiday and relaxation are interrelated. One of the serene and calm places of Spiti valley, Tabo is the most preferred spot for meditation by monks of the area. Dug into the hillside of the towering mountain near Tabo, the place has the oldesst monastery in India that was established in 996 AD. The caves have a hole in the middle that opens to the vastness of the sky and instills a sense of composure and happiness. 

7. Losar mani stone carvings 


Image Source: reurinkjan/flickr

Similar to the Paris lock bridge, there is a practice of carving ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ along the roadsides and rivers as an offering to the spirits. Popularly believed to bring good luck, the tradition has been influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism practitioners. To ensure the passing of this popular belief system, the people of Losar are now in the process of educating their younger generation to know the longstanding tradition of Mani stone carvings.

8. Pin Valley Buchen performance 


Image Source: wikimedia

Witness ritualist performance by Buchens who are specialist performers. They are also popularly referred to as travelling lama-actors. Residing in the Pin Valley of Spiti, they are called upon by local Buddhist families to chant religious scriptures. If you visit Spiti during the winter, this is a must-watch event.
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While Spiti valley seems a small place in size, it is one of the serene locales of India that should be part of your travel bucket list. Incredibly Indian, these sites give a direct competition to the breath-taking views of Switzerland that we usually praise. Travel to the corners of India only to brush off those exotic beauty claims from your minds.
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