11 Wacky Activities In Frankfurt

  • UPDATED Oct 30, 2017
Frankfurt is a major financial city of Germany, which may sound boring to any normal person looking for a fun vacation. But underneath the tall skyscrapers lies a city filled with interesting and offbeat things to offer. If you are wondering what those things are, just follow our list of top 11 quirky things Frankfurt has to offer. 

1) Make a wish at the Frankfurt Wishing Wells

We all know that in order to make your hopes and dreams come true you just need to toss a coin in a wishing well, and what’s better than one wishing well? Four wishing wells of course! The Marshall Brunen, the Gutenberg Monument, the Operplatz Brunen and the Liebfrauenberg located in the heart of the city serves the purpose of a genie in the form of a water body. The wells are beautifully designed with baroque-style architecture. It consists of dolphin-shaped sculptors pouring water down in an oval shaped well. This place is also a good spot to just sit, relax and get away from the hustle-bustle of many typical tourist attractions. So don’t forget to carry a lot of change while visiting this place.

2) Get peed on by Pinkelbaum (Peeing Tree)

Image Source: Martin Krolikowski/flickr

No one likes to get peed on, not even the trees. To raise awareness against public urination the Pinkelbaum was created by the Frankfurt Art initiative. The uo;artwork” consists of an old maple tree which is fitted with a pipe through which it pees on the passerby, although it is not actual pee but just water sprinkling through a tree. There is also a plank nearby which gives some much-needed clarification to many confused tourists. Note that the tree won’t pee on you in winters as it is considered to be dangerous.

3) Visit the Senckenberg Natural History Museum 

Image Source: Patrick Nouhailler/flickr

You know the museum visit is not going to be boring when you see a giant metal dinosaur guarding the entrance. The Senckenberg Natural History Museum is a modern take on the natural history of Germany and the world. It consists of a large collection of Dinosaur sculptures made out of metal, but don’t worry they are very friendly and won’t bite. The museum also has a collection of stuffed birds. The entry is free but if you want a guided tour you will have to shell out 3 euros.

4) Play at the hidden playground of Waldspielpark Goetheturm

If you want to escape the usual hustle bustle of the city and go somewhere peaceful and quiet, the Goetheturm is the perfect place to do that. It is located on top of a 43-meter high wooden tower. The playground consists of many slides, swings, a maze and a pool. As it is tucked away in a forest, adults can enjoy some peaceful quiet time, or just join in the fun by sliding down a slide.

5) Dare to climb the Kaiserdom Cathedral 

Image Source: ptwo/flickr

The Kaiserdom Cathedral located in the main square of Frankfurt gives an amazing display of medieval architecture.  The cathedral consists of a 95-meter high tower that looks like the ones from the Batman movie. The Gothic look of the tower is beautiful, and the small intricate designs carved into it add more depth to its character. To see all this you must climb over 300 steps and reach the top. The view from the top is well worth the effort.
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6) Shop at Handwerkskunst am Romer

If you want to bring back a bit of Germany with you there is no better place than Handwerkskunst am Romer to buy a souvenir from. Sure, beer stein can make for a great souvenir, but it cannot beat the charm of handcrafted gifts. This shop is located in the old part of Frankfurt and has a wide variety of miniature toy soldiers and amazing Christmas decorations to choose from. Each of these souvenirs is handcrafted by the owner. They also make custom wooden music boxes with the design of your choice carved into it. This shop is one of the timeless gems of Frankfurt.

7) Drink at the Dauth-Schneider 

Germany is known for two things, amazing cars, and even more amazing, beer and this place has the best of both f them. The Dauth-Schneider tavern can trace its origin back to 1849 when it simply served as a winery. Over the years the place has developed into a restaurant which serves some of the most delicious authentic German cuisines and of course specially brewed beer! The tavern has a beautiful outdoor seating area which is covered by tree-shades during the summer.

8) Visit the Staedel Museum

Image Source: Irene/flickr

The Staedel Museum is one of the oldest and most renowned museums in the world. The collection includes artwork by many famous artists stretching from Renaissance era to modern contemporary era, all under one roof. Picasso, Rembrandt are only a few names whose work have graced this museum. It has over 700 years of art all tucked under one roof. There is an entry fee of 14 Euros for adults.

9) Visit the Kleinmarkthalle market

Image Source: Leon Brocard/flickr

It is said that the real soul of a city can only be found in its markets. If that is the case then Frankfurt’s soul surely smells like roasted nuts and smoked sausages. The Kleinmarkthalle market is one of the oldest and grandest markets in Europe. It has a variety of stalls that range from vegetables, spices to wine bars.

10) Fly a fighter jet

Image Source: DVIDSHUB/flickr

If you ever wanted to live out your Han Solo fantasy this might be your only chance. The MiGFlug Company based in Frankfurt offers a chance for civilians to fly in a fighter jet. The experience includes everything from doing different kinds of manoeuvres to supersonic flights. But don’t worry as there will be an experienced pilot guiding you through the complicated console.

11) Visit the Berger Strasse

The Berger Strasse is pretty much a street which is located in the heart of Frankfurt. The streets are covered with a unique blend of medieval and modern architecture. It also houses some of the best restaurants and bars of Frankfurt.
So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going!