Top 10 Outdoor Activities To Do In Idaho

By Niraj Kakade on Dec 06, 2016
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If you’re in Idaho for the weekend and are planning for some fun outdoor activity but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we got your back! From Paragliding to Mountain biking we have covered everything you’d need for a perfect outdoor weekend.
Just follow our list of top 10 fun outdoor activities to do in Idaho for a guaranteed fun time

1. Paragliding Off The Top Of Baldy


Image Source: Matthew Bietz/Flickr  

No we are not talking about a bald person’s head here. In fact, we are talking about the famous Bald Mountain of Sun Valley here. At the height of around 3,200 feet you are assured to feely have a giddy feeling in your stomach. But don’t worry we’re not asking you to jump off it, we’re simply suggesting you to glide through it. Don’t be worried about the safety as you’ll be attached to two quad chairlifts that will take you to ripping heights. But it’s all worth it as you’ll see the scenic beauty of the Sun Valley, and if you’re lucky you might even catch the sunset. The crew there will take care of everything from equipment’s to light training. All you have to do is run-off a cliff and you’ll be rewarded with the Baldy’s Crown! You don’t get to say that everyday now, do you?

2.  Floating The Middle Fork Of The Salmon


Image Source: Zachary Collier/Flickr  

If you are not a fan of heights or just running off a cliff in general, might we suggest a more grounded option for you in Idaho? The Middle Fork area of the Salmon River offers an exhilarating and adrenaline pumping rafting expedition. The usual trip last for around 5 to 7 days on the Rive of No return (yes that’s an actual name). But don’t worry as you will actually return battling some of the meanest rapids in the United States. But that’s not the only good part here, you will also encounter some beautiful scenery, wildlife and even a hot spring! So if you’re tired rafting your way through river Doom you can relax your sore muscles here. It is highly recommended to have a private permit as it will rant you an all-access pass across the river. The lake-side restaurants there also offer a gourmet menu for all the health freaks out there. Book your tour with us.

3. BASE Jumping Off Perrine Bridge


Image Source: chadh/Flickr  

If you feel like free-falling from death defying height, but don’t actually want to face death we recommend you try the Bungee jumping at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. What’s so special about it? We, for starters it is at a height of over 480 meters, and you’ll be free-falling into the Snake River situated right below the bridge. This place is so renowned that BASE jumpers from all over the country travel here to legally jump off at this bridge. If you have made up your mind, head on to the town of Twin Falls, located just off Idaho. Look for a giant bridge people are jumping off from and you fill find your destination.

4. Mountaineering In The Sawtooths


Image Source: Brent/Flickr  

If climbing mountains is more of your thing than jumping off bridges and rafting through dangerous rivers, we have something for you. Don’t get us wrong the Sawtooths are by no means the tallest peaks around, but you can be assured that they are the meanest! From slippery climbs to trippy boulders this range will test the mountaineer in you fiercely. But the reward is well worth it as you will be greeted with a spectacular view of the Stanley Basin, you’ll also encounter some high mountain lakes up top and if you’re lucky a curious mountain goat called Billy will have a run-in with you. You can set your camp in the town of Stanley before you begin your adventure. There are also few training centers for novices and some delicious breakfast places.

5. Jet Boating Through Hells Canyon


Image Source: Robert Ashworth/Flickr  

Idaho rivers and canyon have the best names in the country! Don’t believe us? Take your jet boat across the Hells Canyon situated in deep river gorge on the stretches of the Snake River which houses some mean rapids in its trail. We recommend you hop on one of Killgore’s jet boats for an awesome adrenaline experience which will take you through class 4 and 5 rapids.
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6. Fire Lookout Camping


Image Source: Brendon Connelly/Flickr  

This next activity is more family friendly but that doesn’t mean it is any less fun, after all who doesn’t enjoy a good camping trip? There are many spots in Idaho for camping, you can’t go wrong with any of them really. Start your day by catching the sunrise and plan your activities well in advance. There are tons of activities to choose from wildlife scavenger hunts to a visit to nearby beautiful hiking trails. Reserve your evening just for stargazing and dinner across a bonfire. Don’t cheap out on the s’mores when you pack for the trip!

7. Mountain Biking The Hot Springs


Image Source: Mark Turner/Flickr  

Idaho is the perfect destination for all the trail rider out there. Ride along the beautiful terrain which looks like something out of a painting. Or challenge yourself on some mean trails that are accessible to the public. After you’re done treat yourself with a cold brew and a wide selection of hot springs to choose from, 40 to be precise. Or you can opt for the nearby spas which offer some great massages for those sore muscles.

8. Ride The Hiawatha


Image Source: Robert Ashworth/Flickr  

As mentioned earlier Idaho has some great biking trails, one of which is the Hiawatha. It was voted to be the most scenic bike route in the country for many consequent years. There are also no restrictions here, so anyone from your son to your granddad can enjoy the sky-high bike trail. But if you’re vertigo starts acting up opt for the nearby Weiser River Trail situated in Southern Idaho.

9. Catch Some Waves


Image Source - Wikimedia commons

It is true that Idaho is a landlocked state but with the recent rise in river surfing Idahoans have a really great alternative. With it being a very new activity you get the chance to perfect your river surfing skills before the trend catches up. But if you’re new at any kind of surfing the Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade will provide you with basic training in a controlled environment and a chance to learn safely. When you’re ready you can participate in the annual Payette River Games which are hosted annually. 

10. Enjoy A Sunset Dinner Cruise


Image Source - cda cruises  

After all the grueling activities on our list we are sure you would want to sit back, relax and just take in the beauty of Idaho. Combine that with delicious food and a cruise ride and it will be a perfect end to an adventures vacation. Catch the cruise on Paette Lake which are run by  McCall Lake Crusises, and don’t forget to catch that amazing sunset!

From the mild and picturesque, to some new adventures you may not have heard of, this is just a sample of the wonderful opportunities that Idaho’s great outdoors has to offer.
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