10 Tips To Overcome Depression & Anxiety By Travelling

By Bhoomi Shah on Aug 19, 2015
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Youre in that phase of your life when nothing seems to make you happy anymore. You feel anxious and depressed all the time. Cant think of what to do? Well, we can give you the solution: TRAVEL. Weve got proof to back up our claims! And here it is:

10. Gluttony can be your messiah

What do you do when you get depressed? You usually whip out that bowl of ice cream and go to town! Take a trip to a place that boasts of an interesting and yummy cuisine. Youll learn that food always makes people feel better!

Tips To Overcome Depression & Anxiety By Traveling

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9. Journeys inspire writing and writing is cathartic

Writing is one of the best ways of dealing with depression. Jotting down your journeys will help you remember how good that trip made you feel. It will imbue you with that joy once again and start you out on the road to happiness.

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8. Travelling keeps the mind occupied

Your problems weigh you down way too much when youre at home. Travelling keeps you busy doing something you love. Whether its planning or undertaking the adventure itself; when youre busy, you wont have time to think about whats bumming you out.

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7. Get inspired by people you meet

Right now, your problem may seem big. But during your travels, you will come across many people who are dealing with much worse, but theyll still be smiling through it. Meeting new people and hearing their stories will help you gather strength to face your own sorrows.

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6. Get away from your current situation

Getting some distance from your problemwhether its related to family, your partner or your jobhelps you get some perspective on it. If youre always around your source of annoyance, youre always bound to get, well, annoyed. Travel and take some time off and itll make a world of difference!

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5. Find new friends or lovers

On these journeys, you will find people you instantly click with. They wont have their judgements and perceptions in place like the people at home do. Theyll listen to your problems with an open mind and an open heart. Theyll help you make sense of whats going on. And a little bit of loving never hurt anybody.

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4. Appreciate the little things

When youre depressed your problem takes over your reality and seems too big to handle. When you travel, you start appreciating the little things: raindrops in puddles, a girl smiling while riding her bike, the wind messing your hair. You start finding happiness in these tiny things and thats a big step towards overcoming depression!

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3. Adventure always helps

Try going on a trip filled with adventurous activities: trekking, rafting, bungee-jumping. The worlds your oyster! Once youve challenged yourself and overcome your fears, the problem thats driving you to depression will seem mighty small. Getting out of your comfort zone will give you the confidence to get better!

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2. You may end up finding a purpose and discovering yourself

If youre in that phase of your life when you dont know who you are and what you should be doing, travel will help you find yourself.

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1. You miss your loved ones

Your family, partner and your friends play a big part in your life. But when youre depressed, you start pushing them away. When you travel away from your home, you start missing these important people and start cherishing them even more! Once youre back, you can let them in and they can help you start the process of healing.

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There is nothing in the world more therapeutic than travel. Who needs happy pills when youve got happy trips!

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