These Are the 8 Most Overrated Things to Do in Amsterdam!

There is so much to do in Amsterdam! In fact, there are hundreds of unique things to do and see in Amsterdam that need our attention, but you end up exploring those which are the usual cliched ones. If you want to experience the extravagance of Amsterdam in a true manner, then try and explore the unexplored in Amsterdam rather than the highly overrated ones.

Here is a list of 8 such overrated things to do in Amsterdam.

1. Spend hours at the Flower Market!


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Trust me! There are many fun and entertainment activities in Amsterdam than exploring this too crowded, too expensive flower market. Even though this attraction is bustling with tourists, there is nothing special about this one and can be completed in a matter of five minutes. If you really want to know more about Amsterdam's famous tulips, then book a one day trip to the flower park in Keukenhof and get some eye soothing experience. 
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2. Taking the Amsterdam Canal Tour

Even though the canal rings in Amsterdam are famous across the globe, but are they truly worth the hype? The canal tours attract thousands of tourists, every month. Even though you can get some great views of the city, but the experience of being with hundred other people on a crowded canal boat which is damn expensive is not a good idea. Very rarely, you'll get to hear the tour guide's voice when he is enlightening you about the city's past. Even if you want to opt for a private canal tour, then your pocket has to bear the brunt as they are very expensive. 

3. Wandering around the Red Light District!


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If you prefer a calm, serene and silent place with an awesome view to take long walks, then the Red Light District should not be on your must visit place. Even though, this place is right in the heart of Amsterdam and has a sparkling view at night is indeed very crowded and loud. Visit this attraction for once, spend some time and then opt for the poised Eastern Docklands for a change. I'm pretty sure, you'll not regret visiting some hidden attractions of Amsterdam!

4. Opting for hostels as accommodation

The coolness quotient of your Amsterdam is said to elevate if you've opted for hostels. But in reality, the hostels are just not worth it. The thriving number of tourists Amsterdam witnesses every month results in the increase of hostel prices. Plus, the hotels are noisy and not that comfortable.

5. Clicking selfies with waxed celebrities at Madame Tussauds


Source: Wikimedia 

This can be the most cliched thing you can do, ever. Like EVER! When you compare it to its London branch, Amsterdam's Madame Tussauds is not that great. With a very few real-life statues, the wax museum is inclined more towards the world of pop. And hence, those who don't follow much of pop music will easily get bored here. Also, don't forget the huge queue for a 15-minute museum tour.

6. Cozying Up in Jordaan

Jordaan is one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam but like any other major places, it is also overpriced and overcrowded. The cafes and restaurants are always jam packed and it is very difficult to find a seat here. Instead of this overrated destination, opt for this underrated gem called Oosterpark neighbourhood. There are new bars, restaurants, cafes and places to spend some quality time. And, it's very peaceful, too! The crowd here is also very laid back and you can enjoy some great moments here.

7. Picnic at Vondelpark


Source: Wikimedia 

If you want to go Vondelpark for some peaceful stroll, think again! The place is far from being peaceful and is always flooded with tourists. Bikes, people playing all kinds of sports and sheer noise! If that's not your idea of peace, then please do skip this attraction. Instead, opt for Flevopark which will help you to embrace the nature, in an effective manner. 

8. Boozing at the bars in Leidseplein

This one is a very popular hangout place in the whole of Amsterdam, but the tourist experiences are not that great. You'll have to wait for minutes and sometimes hours to get a seat. Moreover, the service provided here is not good! If you really want to enjoy some laid back moments, then try going to the bars in Kadijksplein as they are less crowded, the staff is hospitable plus the food and drinks - lip smacking!

We’ve already listed some unforgettable experiences you’ll get in Amsterdam, but before planning your travel to Amsterdam, make sure you’ve gone through this list of most overrated things to see as well. Or else, you will miss out something incredible!
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