8 Must Follow Packing Tips From Airport Baggage Handlers!

By Vanhishikha Bhargava on Oct 28, 2016
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When your bags get damaged on a trip, you instantly turn to lashing out at the flight attendants or the ground staff. But let’s face it, it isn’t really their fault. Stacking thousands of bags in different sizes, weights, headed to various destinations, isn’t really easy. It takes a whole lot of tactic and patience to do it every day. 

So we went around asking these professionals for tips on how to make your bags survive even the longest of trips. 

Choose A Bag With A Bottom Handle 


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What do you do when you are required to pick up a heavy object? You hold it from two sides because it makes it a lot more easier. Having a bottom handle between the wheels alongside a top one, makes it easy for the handler to pick your bag up while putting it on board - especially when it is a little heavy! 

Pack To The Bag’s Full Capacity 


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A common mistake that most of us make while travelling, is carrying a bag bigger than what we really need. This ends up leaving a whole lot of vacant space in the bag. The more space it has, the more likely it is to be squished. So make sure you’re packing wise - but also, don’t overpack! Also avoid trying to pack damageable or liquid products in the outer pockets. 

Pick Robust Over Light Weight 

All those bags that claim to be ‘lightweight for easy travel’, use a material that is more likely to be crushed or damaged. Just put your suitcase down and check for yourself. A little bit of weight on them and they look deformed! While they might seem a lot appealing to you, opt for the usual robust bags - they might have a little wright of their own, but they’ll keep themselves and the stuff within, safe and sound. 

Go For Four-wheeled Bags


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Whenever you overpack for a trip, you end up wishing you hadn’t chosen a backpack. You wish your bag has wheels that makes it easily maneuverable. Here’s where you need to make a smart choice - 2 wheeled bags need to be dragged along, but 4 wheeled bags can glide along easily. And that’s exactly how they would get handled by the airline staff too! 

Don’t Keep Adding Luggage Tags 


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Ever seen those bags with colourful luggage taps and zippers? Every time we make a trip to a new place, we end up adding a souvenir to our bags. Huge and hard plastic tags don’t just get difficult to manage, but are also a lot likely to get destroyed when being handled by flight attendants. We know you want your bags to look unique, but stick to business cart style tags only. Non-fuss tags and identifiers are the best! 

Pack Fragile Objects Separately 

There is a whole lot of baggage that gets ferried from one corner of the airport to another. You need to understand that not everyone has the same amount of time or patience to handle your bags carefully. So if you’re carrying something fragile, you should either tag your bag to say the same or package it separately and appropriately. 

Don’t Worry About The Little Dirt

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Everyone loves a little bit of indulgence. We all have that one bag which we really don’t appreciate getting dirty. But the handler need not be as sentimental about it! So don’t worry about that little bit of dirt, you could clean it later!  

Keep The Necessary Accessible 

We all need a few things easily accessible to us. And that’s what hand baggage is for! If there’s anything you want to take out immediately after reaching your destination, don’t put it into your checked in bag’s outer pocket. Choose your handbag instead! Remember, the easier it is for you to tug along or pick up, the better it is going to be handled by the airline staff. The easier it is to handle your bag, the less likely it is to be dragged or dumped around during transit. 

Travelling isn’t just about smart packing. It is also about ensuring that the things you have packed, reach to and fro from the destination safely. Right from what you pack to what you pack it in and how, paying close attention to the little details will save you a lot of hassle. 

Smarter packing leads to a happy trip - always! So, Happy Tripping!
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