10 Palace Hotels in Europe that Take the Crown

Living life, the king's way is something we've always dreamed of. But due to the modernity of the world, as they call it; we've constrained ourselves in corporate jungles. Most palaces built during the king's era have been ripped off and it's just bricks and cement now with no life.
There's still hope, though. 
These extravagant palaces cum hotels will let your dream come true for real. Get ready to be the kings and queens of the 21st century and revel in the royalty. And please no slavery!

1. Belmond Hotel Caruso, Italy

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Known for its excellent food and architecture, Belmond hotel is an architectural masterpiece in Europe. Set on the cliffs just beside the Amalfi coast, the 11th-century palace seems to drift off into the Mediterranean and offers an unparalleled, stunning view across the bay. The inside and the outside of the hotel offers a close look at the heritage and the culture of the artisan country. With colorful frescoes, marble hallways, weathered old floors, and chandeliers the place looks splendid in the Mediterranean sunshine. The incredibly set infinity pool gives a feeling that it extends straight into the Mediterranean Sea and offers a spectacular panoramic view. Visit this palace hotel for the unbeatable view and stellar service. Book early to save 30% on your trip.
Price for a night: 1270 Euros (Avg.)

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2. Lesic Dimitri Palace, Croatia

Hidden within the Old Town walls of Croatia, Lesic Dimitri Palace is a whimsical retreat on a gorgeous little island. With suites themed with one of Marco Polo’s adventures, the palace offers unique and spacious rooms. Once a Bishop’s palace, this 18th-century elegance is perfectly restored and now offers the best scenic view of Croatia. Wake up to the ringing of the church bell, go sailing and spoil yourself with the freshest of seafood. Crammed with delights, relax in the comfortable setting and take a stroll across the sandy beach. As silky as it could get, this palace is an ideal getaway for couples and friends in Europe.

Price for a night: 500 Euros (Avg.)

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3. Shangri-La, Paris


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When you’re in Paris what’s better than having to see the Eiffel tower all the time! Adorned with the work of excellent craftsmanship, Shangri-La Paris lies in the shadow of Eiffel tower and the River Seine keeping you awestruck all the time. Former home to Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grandnephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte this palace hotel is surely a romantic getaway. Enjoy the old-world elegance of the rooms while you immerse in the beauty of the city of lights. Spacious accommodations, gold leaf mosaics, and the bronze wall reliefs of Napoleon reflect the grandiosity of the royal bloodlines. Decorated by one of the largest indoor pools, the private outdoor terrace is lovely with all its lights. While you’re here, embark on a wine tasting spree followed by a sumptuous meal and what’s next? It’s time to propose!
Price for a night: 945 Euros (Avg.)

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4. Olissippo Lapa Palace Hotel Lisbon, Portugal

Nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Tagus River, Olissippo palace hotel is tucked away from the noise and the neon of the city of Lisbon. Set amidst a wonderful sub-tropical garden, the palace offers a stunning view of Lisbon and the Tagus river.  The luxurious finishing inside the hotel is a reflection of the traditional Portuguese style architecture. With the dazzling blue of the sky and the river filling up around the palace, the windows has a splendid view to offer. The palace has three different sections: The Garden wing and the villas have a contemporary feel to it while the palace wing has more of traditional Portuguese look to it. The rooms come with poster beds, oil-paintings and private turrets.

Price for a night: 350 Euros (Avg.)

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5. Ciragan Palace Istanbul, Turkey


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Located on the European shores of Bosphorus, Ciragan palace is rich in culture and history. With over a total of 313 rooms that includes 282 rooms and 31 suites, this palace hotel is huge. Formerly a residence of sultans, Ciragan palace reflects the ultimate luxury of the sultan regime. The ballrooms in Ciragan palace are painted in different, bright appealing colors and is the best place to host a luxurious wedding. Highlighted by a winter heated infinity Pool that gives a floating feel on the Bosphorus is one of the best features of this hotel. Pure opulence, breathtaking view, and an impeccable service make this hotel a must visit in Europe.
Price for a night: 250 Euros (Avg.)

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6. Gloria’s Palace Amadores, Spain

If you’re planning for a luxurious holiday getaway spot in Gran Canaria then you should definitely visit Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa. Situated in front of the beautiful beach of Playa de Amadores, Gloria’s Palace boasts with stunning panoramic view. Built with natural stone, the hotel has comfortable luxurious rooms with modern facilities. The amenities here that includes an infinity pool, steam bath, sauna golf course, table tennis, darts and archery keep you engaged and entertained. Relax, rejuvenate, and relinquish the joy at Gloria’s palace.

Price for a night: 200 Euros (Avg.)

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7. Pachtuv Palace, Prague


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Do you know what's common between the famous music composers Mozart, Beethoven, and Richard Wagner? Yes, they all make good music! But there's one more thing they've in common. They frequent the Pachtuv palace in Prague and the place totally reverberates music. Pachtuv palace is lavishly furnished to offer you the best palace stay experience. The rich, cultural history of Prague is evident from the Baroque style architecture. Enjoy the grandeur with individually styled rooms that are spacious and spectacular. When you are here, treat your taste buds to the best egg benedicts in the whole of Prague at Cafe le creme, a resto in Pachtuv palace and have a sip of the French wine, while you enjoy the soothing view across the river.

Price for a night: 155 Euros (Avg.)

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8. Cally Palace, Scotland

What’s better than a palace that has a golf course? Nothing. Yes, isn’t that great. Cally palace hotel in Scotland has its own 18-hole golf course and an indoor leisure complex. Spread over 600 acres this grand Cally palace is traditional while offering all modern amenities as well. The elegant property has a captivating view of the estate grounds and the Dumfries & Galloway countryside beyond. The grandeur of the interior takes you aback as soon as you enter the huge oak doors. Explore the captivating landscape through cycle or walk and swim leisurely in the heated swimming pool. Finally, finish the day by bingeing on the finest Scottish dining while hearing the pianist move through the keys to your heart.

Price for a night: 190 Euros (Avg.)

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9. Pestana Palace Lisbon, Portugal


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Once a national monument, this 19th-century palace is historical jewel located ideally at the heart of the city. The rooms are spacious with high ceiling offering a clear view of the Tagus river. This excellent and splendid hotel guarantees a memorable stay experience in the historical place of Lisbon. Unique and exclusive, Pestana Palace in Lisbon has excellent amenities and offers quality services. The hotel also has an exuberant private park that is abundant with subtropical plants and trees.
Price for a night: 233 Euros (Avg.)

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10. Schlosshotel Igls, Austria

A castle with snow spread on its roofs is how Schlosshotel Igls hotel typically looks most of the time. Conveniently located in the lively city of Igls, Austria the hotel is an ideal spot that offers easy access to the cities popular destinations. Experience the blend of professional treatment and plenty other array of quality services from an indoor pool to spa to a mini sauna to massage. Interestingly the castle also has a casino where you could double your fortunes and extend your stay in this beautifully built castle hotel.
Price for a night: 115 Euros (Avg.)
If you’re still waiting for your chariot to come and pick you up, just get out and catch a plane!
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