7 Vertical Panoramic Churches in The New York

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Churches have so much hidden inside them. There is something to explore behind every nook and corner. A dab of history, a dash of devotion, a thesis of religion, a practice of belief- Churches are like an epicenter of various features; so much so that we often forget to see the magnificence of architecture behind them. Richard Silver, a well known photographer (published in TimeOut New York, Tiffany and Co., UNITED Airlines and various other publications) has exercised the freedom of creativity and given us pictures painted from a completely different perspective. Take a look:

1) Church of St. Stephen / Church of St. Paul the Apostle

Built between 1876-1884, this church boasts of beautiful Late Gothic Revival Architecture Style. Located in Manhattan, this church is known for the lovely lighting inside that is sure to light up your day. 

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2) Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava / Church of the Village

Originally known as the Trinity Chapel, this church was built with the purpose of serving the  Episcopal community. It was designed by Richard M. Upjohn, a celebrated artist of those times in the Gothic Revival style in the eyar 1850. It was finally consecrated by Trinity Church (Wall Street) in the year 1855.

3) St. Monica’s Church

A part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York; this is a Roman Catholic Parish Church. The parish was established in 1879- this is situated in Manhattan, NewYork city. 

4) Church of St. Francis Xavier

This church is designed by Patrick C Keeley in 1878 to accommodate the number of followers who flocked in and there was an inadequacy of space. It was originally built in 1850. The history behind the founding of this church is a really interesting tale. 

5) Church of St. Vincent Ferrer

Designed by Bertram Goodhue and follows the late Gothic Revival Style. Opened in 1916, this church is a Romantic Catholic Parish and is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

6) Calvary Episcopal Church

Desgined by James Renwick Jr, this church was completed in 1848. For this particular church, the architect adapted a sophisticated Gothic structure which was based on the French double-spired church design. Its three entrance doors initially faced 4th Avenue which later on went to become Park Avenue South.

7) Vincent St. de Paul / Most Holy Redeemer Church

Built in Baroque Revival architecture with a hint of Romanesque Revival architecture in the year 1844, by the Redemptorist Fathers. It was originally built with a purpose to serve the growing numbers of German immigrants living in the city and today has a huge group of children and youth following it in today's date. 

Are there any Churches that you have visited and been completely smitten by the age old beauty? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Although most of the times, God is your savior but sometimes even his residence can completely haunt you.

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