Fun Activities to do in Paris Plage 2018

Paris, being the most stylish city in the world has got everything for tourists from every age group. Paris Plage concept was developed in 2002 to give relief to the tourists and locals from the scorching heat of the summers. It consists of many artificial and natural beaches which are specially opened during this time to relieve people as well as providing them the fun activities to make their interest increase in Paris Plage. Like every previous year since 2002, Paris Plage 2018 has got so much for you. Unlike the other beaches in Paris, the ParisPlage doesn’t allow topless swimming. In every season of Plage new beaches or new activities are included to attract many more tourists. It is also becoming a very good source of revenue as it gets a positive response from tourists. It mostly extends to two months period of July to September and involves main three locations. Here is the list of places and activities that you can do in Paris Plage 2018. 

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1. Parc Rives de Seine :

On both banks of the River Seine, the Paris Plage time brings you the ultimate enjoyment and peace even if you have only a few minutes to spend. Earlier both the sides of the Seine River were highways and tons of sand was shifted here only to be taken back again after one month. Later on, to reduce this problem and to make it more environmental friendly, the highway was transformed into a beautiful park which became a major tourist attraction. The left side of the Seine River stretches from Alma Bridge to Eiffel Tower and followed by Orsay Museum which is a beautiful and scenic place. You can enjoy wine and beer if you have more time to spend here. But, no worries if you don’t because you can spend time with yourself sitting on a chair or bench and then board a metro to your destination. You can have many activities like running, biking and skateboarding and in case you are hungry, you can go to restaurant chains that are opened near the river. Food varieties include wood-fired pizza which is the world’s 8th largest in size.

2. Hotel de Ville-Paris’s City Hall : 

In Paris Plage, the most spacious part of the city is converted into sports- friendly arena. This place is converted into the court of volleyball, basketball, running and other athletics. These games are the pickup ones so you can come any time to enjoy them. Not only sports, this place organizes concerts with more than 30 performers and creating it the biggest electronic store. 

3. Paris Beaches at Bassin de la Villette : 

This is a canal that stretches from Saint-Martin to Ourcq Canal. The specialty of this canal stretch is that the depth varies at distances which suffice the tourist of all the age sections. Still, safety is kept in mind and the place offers free admission and it has with it a large number of lifeguards who are ready for almost all situations of danger. Showers, pools and changing rooms are also the reason that his place becomes a hit during Paris Plage. You must look forward to going to this place in Paris Plage 2018. The water is cleaned properly to make it safe for public swimming and the people also are responsible to keep this place clean. There are many fun water activities like boating and many workshops. This place is the home to Paris's Science Museums and they run free of charge during this season which makes it a very big hit. Either kids or adults, there is an exhibition for every age group which would be loved by all. Instructors are everywhere to assure the fun and yet, a safe experience. To talk about food, this place has got popup stores, bistros and hip bars which provide the best cuisines of their culture. Seine River is said to be opened for swimming in a year or two so stay tuned because you never know what surprise this ParisPlage would hold for you.

4. Sports Museum :

The Paris Plage also gives you the fun of sports excitement in many sports complexes including Elisabeth Sports Complex and Louis Sports Complex. They both are in the neighborhood and attract a huge number of Parisians towards them. Because of the competition between both the complexes, they are making their facilities more customer friendly.

5. Sunbath : 

How can you forget sunbath inParis Plage on the beaches which are included in the Plage celebration? You can take these advantages without spending a single penny and then cool yourself in the shade of trees later on. The only thing to keep in mind is the timings of the place which is daily from mid-July to August end. 

There are many attractions that shall appeal and attract you in their own ways. It's on you to choose the one you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are with your family, then it is actually a heaven for you because of the activities that are provided and actually very suitable for all the ages. Be it water sports or concerts, you shall enjoy every bit of it and the Paris Plage 2018 shall be a once in a lifetime experience for you. 


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