11 Pet Friendly Restaurants In Bangalore

By Vanhishikha Bhargava on Nov 08, 2016
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There are so many times when you just want to take your pet along for the Sunday brunch, but can’t because all those cafes won’t let him in! And it is absolutely nerve wrecking to leave your little one with friends, neighbors or family members who probably can’t even see the look in those puppy dog eyes.

Personally, we have a really hard time answering our pet’s one constant question - "Why can’t I come along?”

Well, what if we said there are a few pet friendly restaurants in Bangalore that welcome pets as lovingly as you keep them? Yes, you heard us right. Here are those few awesome places where you can head over to for a yummy brunch with your pet and spend some quality time with him.

1. Green Theory

PC: greentheory/Facebook

Being a dog owner himself, the owner of Green Theory absolutely loves pets. So if you’re looking at enjoying a good meal with your dog or cat, here’s the first place you could head to. For that matter, the staff here makes sure that your experience here is absolutely fun and memorable!

2. The Black Rabbit

PC: theblackrabbitblr/Facebook

While you can’t take your pets inside the restaurant here, the outdoor section of The Black Rabbit is pet friendly. If you make a request, they provide you with water and a few treats for your pet as well. But avoid visiting this place on Friday and Saturday evenings, because it gets a little too crowded for the pet’s comfort on those nights.

3. Urban Solace

PC: UrbanSolaceCafe/Facebook

One of the firsts to open their doors to pets, Urban Cafe has seen a number of dogs and cats coming in with their owners. Right from the moment you step into the cafe, you see the staff as excited about the meal as you. What’s more is that, you can get your pet to sit at the table right beside you! Fine dining with pets in urban times, redefined.

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4. The Hole In The Wall Cafe

PC: theholeinthewallcafe/Facebook

The owners of this cafe built the place with the agenda of solving the one big problem that pet lovers faced - not being able to get them along. You can literally take your pets inside the restaurant here. They don’t really have a separate menu for pets, but the staff and people here usually enjoy sharing their yummy meals!

5. Rasta Cafe

PC: Rasta.Cafe.One.Place/Facebook

Located on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, Rasta Cafe is the perfect place for you to hang out with your pet on a good day. They have a great outdoor seating amidst the greens and a never ending menu of yummy food lined up for the perfect day out.

6. The Fat Chef

PC: tFatChef/Facebook

Everyone loves Sunday brunches and getting to take your pet along, just makes it all hundred times better. While The Fat Chef doesn’t have a menu for your pet, we’re pretty sure you don't mind sharing some off your plate with him. The outdoor seating here is very enjoyable if the weather’s good.

7. Cafe Buzzinga

PC: CafeBuzzinga/Facebook

Pets have a love-hate relationship with vets and we totally relate with them. Cessna is one of the best veterinary hospitals in Bangalore and if you’re heading there anytime soon, don’t forget visiting Cafe Buzzinga. You can have some refreshments and enjoy a few desserts here with your pet after a not so happy experience with the doctor - if you know what we mean!

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8. Toit

PC: toitbrewpub/Facebook

Didn’t know Toit allowed pets? Well, you should have paid a little attention to the sign boards! While they don’t allow them in, the outdoor area on the ground floor is absolutely pet friendly. The place is perfect to spend a day at, but we do recommend avoiding the weekends because it is way too crowded and noisy for your pet to enjoy.


PC: tgifroyalmeenakshimall/Facebook

Surprised how this favourite restaurant of yours made it to this list? Well, not many know of it but TGIF is actually a pet friendly restaurant. The only thing is that you’ll need to keep him on a leash because there’s practically never enough room for him to run around, and there could be those who aren’t too happy around pets.

10. Spoonful Of Sugar

PC: spoonful.india/Facebook

A tiny restaurant famous for its desserts, Spoonful of Sugar allows people to bring along their pets to the small outdoor seating area they have. But what’s best is that they are the only ones to have a special pet friendly menu. Yes, both of you can enjoy a good meal here.

11. Art Of Delight

PC: artofdelighticecream/Facebook

A restaurant that loves pets as much as you do, Art of Delight even has a resident cat named Pumpkin that you could spend time with. There’s a garden area where you can hang out with your pet while enjoying some yummy snacks. And if you don’t have a pet, you have the playful Pumpkin around to cheer you up!

If you’re planning to head over to any of these restaurants, we do recommend you take your pet’s leash along as well. You never know when he needs a little comforting or when there are too many people who aren’t too comfortable around animals.

Which of these places are you heading to with your furry one?

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