14 Picturesque River Side Vacation Destinations In India

By Sameer Kapoor on Oct 19, 2015
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Rivers have always shaped the geographical beauty of a city or a country. Apart from the utility that they answer to, they are also the carriers of culture, civilization and history. India is a land of river where each one of them holds a special significance for the kind of culture that they resonate. Today, apart from their religious or historical context, they also offer trekking, river rafting excursions that most of the travellers covet for. Here are 14 of such river side destinations in India that you must visit if you really look forward to experience that communion with pristine water.

1. Manali - Beas River

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Anybody who is residing in India would be aware of the pristine hill station Manali that enchants people with its sky reaching mountains and the transparent waters of Beas River. While you are here, try to spend some time by the banks of river Beas and take a walk through the beautiful Deodhar forests.

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2. Jim Corbett National Park - Ramganga River

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Located on the banks of the Ramganga River, Jim Corbett National Park is an amazing national park and wildlife sanctuary that is home to a lot of different species of plants and animals. While you are here, you can stay in one of the resorts and campsites that are located on the banks of the river.

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3. Dibrugarh - Brahmaputra River

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This is one riverside destination situated on the borders of the enormous river Brahmaputra. Take a ferry ride from Jorhat to Majuli, the biggest river islands in Asia is worth checking off your bucket list. Apart from that, you should also try angling and kayaking in the river. You can also try some wild experience on the waters with river rafting and other activities. Brahmaputra is also has one of the best river cruises in India.

4. Kabini - River Kabini

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Kabini is located in the south of Karnataka and what makes this place enchanting is its Kabini forest that is home to elephants, deer, gaur and other animals. While you are here, the best way to enjoy the beauty of this riverside location will be to set up a camp along the serene riverbanks here.

5. Darjeeling - Teesa River

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Nobody would be unaware of Darjeeling, a town that has stolen the hearts of many with its pristine beauty and British charm. Since most of the tourism here concentrates on visiting the hills here, it would be a novel idea to try the water sports in the river Teesta that borders Darjeeling. As you raft down Teesta, the mesmerising view of the dense forests along the slope of the mountains, combined with a rich variety of migratory birds will leave you with indelible memories.

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6. Coorg - Barapole River 

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It is River Barapole that renders Coorg with its enamouring charm. In order to enjoy the beauty of this river you should experience the non-commercialised side of the river.

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7. Papikondalu - Godavari River 

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This can let you have a real communion with nature. You hop on a ferry and stay at the campsite among the hills and enjoy the sunrise between the hills. What can be as beautiful and serene as this?

8. Dhankar - Spiti River

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Dhankar is a high altitude destination, situated on the banks of the Spiti River and is a coveted destination for seasoned trekkers and adventure travellers. Trekking along this riverside destination can make up for a unique combination.

9. Dandeli - Kali River 

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Situated on the banks of River Kali in Karnataka, Dandeli offers you a number of choices for activities such as Jungle Safari, Bird Watching, Rafting, Kayaking and Coracle rides, but end the day with a relaxing riverside bonfire.

10. Kolad - Kundalika River 

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Flowing in Maharashtra, the Kundalika River is an ultimate destination for river rafting and peaceful walks along the riverbanks. Also, you can try one of the eco-camps that are set up to give you the full nature experience, including crossing the river by a boat to reach the camp.

11. Chadar - Zanskar River 

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The Zanskar River remains a frozen one for most part of the year. However, the river constitutes the Chadar trek which is famous for offering that flawless charm. Those stokes with water amidst the tall mountains can be a thrilling experience.

12. Bheemeshwari - Kaveri River

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A famous weekend getaway from Bangalore is Bheemeshwari. It is quite well known for fishing, angling and other such activities. You can also try mountain biking, coracle rides and kayaking. But the best thing to do is to sit on the river banks and sip some nice hot filter coffee.

13. Varanasi - Ganga River 

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Varanasi is well known to have represented India on the world tourism map. The aarti going on along the banks of river Ganga in Varanasi has been the postcard image for India. The holy land presents traditions in a nutshell and the fact that it can be viewed by sitting on a boat is quite breathtaking. By the evening, the lamps are lit on the banks and set afloat making the river look even more beautiful.

14. Odi Thach - Parvati River

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Odi Thach is a popular trekking destination located on the banks of river Parvati in Himachal Pradesh. It is a picturesque meadow that passes through the famous Pandu Bridge made from a single rock. Legend has it that the Pandavas erected the bridge to cross the river during their exile in the Himalayas. You can also trek to Mantalai Lake, another gorgeous water body and a great place for a relaxing picnic. It would be an amazing journey replete with nature and mythology.

Let us know which one you would like to walk down!

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