Top 7 Piers in San Diego

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Piers in San Diego

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One of America’s most holiday-friendly cities, San Diego is famed for its near-all-year-round sunshine, public museums, exquisite dine-in restaurants, handcrafted beers at local breweries, and the best of zoos and theme parks in the US. But the part that determines the character of San Diego are, undoubtedly, its beaches and piers. San Diego is home to some of the best beaches in southern California and, under its gentle sun, also home to some of the best piers in America. 

Here is our pick of the 7 piers in San Diego that are wooden, rickety, and full of fun. 

1. Ocean Beach Pier

This fancy T-shaped pier sees lines of children, with their eager eyes and impatient feet, making their way to the ocean. Built in the year 1966, this is one of the longest piers in USA. Running 1,971 feet into the ocean, this pier is embraced by the sea that is clean and powerful. Popular for fishing activities, the most common type of fish caught here is perch, bonito, mackerel, scorpionfish, and halibut among many others. Ocean Beach is also a dog friendly beach, so bring along your favorite pet here.

Address: 5091 Niagara Ave, San Diego, CA 92107, USA

Hours: 24 hours

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2. Imperial Beach Pier

As the soft sea waves crash against by thick support beams, the numerous wooden stilts of the Imperial Beach Pier run deep into the ocean. The Imperial Beach Pier is the southernmost pier on the US West Coast and also one of the best surfing spots in California. Apart from surfing, another popular activity here is fishing. Inshore, fish like barred surfperch, California corbina or yellowfin croaker are found here. Come at nightfall, and this place feels mighty peaceful and romantic. The nearby Imperial Beach is also considered to be one of the best dog friendly beaches in California

Address: 10 Evergreen Ave, Imperial Beach, CA 91932, USA

Hours: 24 hours

3. Embarcadero Marina Park Pier

This 95-feet long and T-shaped 300-feet wide pier is located southwest of the San Diego Convention Centre and features an artificial reef that attracts many schools of fish like bonito, mackerel, and small barracuda. A perfect fishing spot, this pier’s floating wooden walkways are surrounded by a beautiful park. Here, you will be treated to the views of the unstoppable currents of water gently kissing the land while leaving their temporary impressions on the sands. A must visit, the Embarcadero Marina Park Pier also hosts the San Diego Symphony Bayside Summer Nights events.

Address: 200 Marina Park Way, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Hours: 24 hours

4. Coronado Ferry Landing Pier 

Opened to public in 1987, Coronado Ferry Landing Pier is one of the best kept secret fishing spots in California. A mix of fish like jacksmelt, topsmelt, mackerel, and bonito frequent this place, and the fact that the water here is clear and shallow, makes this an ideal fishing spot. As the gentle saline breeze brushes against your cheeks, this place will make you wanna take a moment and reflect. 

Address: 8602 La Jolla Shores Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA

Hours: 24 hours

5. Shelter Island Pier

Extending 200 feet into the San Diego Bay, the Shelter Island Pier is home to some of the most vibrant fishing community, making this one of the best fishing spots in San Diego. Also used as a public boat launch, this pier has many restaurants and shops nearby, coupled with mesmerising views of the ocean. Commonly caught fish here are the sand bass, herring, yellowfin croaker, and kelp. Explore these San Diego itineraries while you plan for your holiday.

Address: 1776 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106, USA

Hours: 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM

6. Oceanside Pier

Rated one of the top attractions in San Diego, the Oceanside Pier is an active beach and one of the best surfing spots in California. Located towards the end of the pier is the Ruby’s Diner where you can enjoy the freshest of the seafood while watching the waves crash the beach with its indomitable fury. 

Address: The Strand N, Oceanside, CA 92054, USA

Hours: 24 hours

7. Crystal Pier

Best known for barred surfperch, walleye surfperch, shovelnose guitarfish and California halibut, the Crystal Pier has been voted one of the top pier sites in the state. What sets this pier apart from the rest is the presence of Crystal Pier Motel Cottages that are located right on the pier. Wake up to the sound of the waves, walk over to the beach, watch the birds flop on the beach, and feel the damp sand between my toes, a holiday here is always fun. 

Address: Ocean Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109, USA

Hours: 24 hours

P.S: In case you forget to carry your fishing gear, all of these piers have bait and tackle shops.

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