12 Best Restaurants in Pike Place Market, Seattle MA

By Deepak Kannan on Feb 22, 2017
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Considered as the epicenter of fresh produce, specialty foods, and an array of independent businesses, the historic Pike Place market is one of the top tourist spots in Seattle. Overlooking the pristine Elliott's bay, Pike Place market is constantly buzzing with people, along with the delectable aroma of food. Yes, Pike Place market is also the place with the best restaurants in Seattle.
While there are plenty of restaurants out in the area, here is a list of 12 best restaurants in Pike Place market in Seattle for a foodgasm'ic experience. 

1. Pike Place Chowder, Seattle WA

Pike Place Chowder, Seattle WA

Image Souce: Yelp.com

Serving traditional and specialty chowder in a 'counter-style' setting is the Seattle's best chowder destination of Pike Place Chowder. If it's drizzling or if there's an overcast in Seattle and you want something hot to go with the amazing weather, then try out of the chowders in Pike Place Chowder. Always buzzing with people, Pike Place Chowder is definitely worth the wait and is one of the best restaurants near Pike Place fish market. The atmosphere and the location of Pike Place Chowder is a definite plus. 
Cuisines offered: Seafood, Pacific Northwest
Cost for two: $25 (approximately)
Must haves: Chowders, Dungeness Crab Roll
Address: Pike Place Market, 1530 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

2. Lowell's Restaurant, Seattle WA

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So are you in the Pike Place fish market for your monthly purchase and looking for a good restaurant to have breakfast? Look no further than Lowell's Restaurant. Start your day by ordering a hearty breakfast and sip on the specialty cocktails on offer. Rush into Lowell's Restaurant as soon as possible and take a seat by the window for amazing views of the bay. Three floors of waterfront seating and fresh seafood make Lowell's Restaurant one of the must visit Pike Place Market restaurants. 
Cuisines offered: Seafood
Cost for two: $40 (approximately)
Must haves: Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Cocktails, Fish & Chips
Address: Pike Place Market, 1519 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101
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3. Matt's in the Market, Seattle WA

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Matt's in the Market is an ideal place to have lunch. Designed in a way to make room for natural lighting to seep in through, this whole place has a very pleasant vibe. If you are there as a couple to Pike Place market then the Matt's in the Market is the place to go, as it is romantic and not crammed up even when it is full. With an extensive view of the Elliott Bay, celebrity-like ambiance, and seasonally changing menu, Matt's in the Market is intriguing and needs to be checked out. 
Cuisines offered: Pacific Northwest, Seafood
Cost for two: $55 (approximately)
Must haves: Sandwiches & Burgers, Seafood Stew
Address: Pike Place Market, 94 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101

4. Pike Brewing Company, Seattle WA

Image Souce: Yelp.com

Pike Brewing Company is a pub in Pike Place market offering locally crafted beers, on-site brewery, and a beer museum. Decorated in a unique and a vibrant interior, the pub in itself is great fun and makes up for a significant spot to hang out with friends or colleagues for casual conversation. Go on a tasting spree, trying out their in-house beers and to experience the place to the fullest, book for a brewery tour and get a detailed information on how the beers in Pike Brewing Company get crafted. 
Cuisines offered: Burger, American
Cost for two: $55 (approximately)
Must haves: Crafted Beers, Pulled Pork Sandwich
Address: 1415 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
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5. Le Pichet, Seattle WA

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Le Pichet is a quaint French bistro and bar that specializes in the traditional French cuisine and wine. Priced reasonably with a top of Frenchness, Le Pichet is lovely, uncluttered, and authentic. While the architecture of the place is basic, Le Pichet makes up for it with its delightful food. Prepared with care, keeping in touch with the French standards, all the dishes in Le Pichet have an inviting flavor that shines through, revealing the true essence of the French cuisine. Le Pichet is one of the best places to eat in Seattle if you love french cuisine.
Cuisines offered: Cafe, French
Cost for two: $50 (approximately)
Must haves: Baked eggs-Ham-Gruyere, Slow Roasted Chicken
Address: Pike Place Market, 1933 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

6. Cutters Crabhouse, Seattle WA

Image Souce: Yelp.com

Cutters Crabhouse is for those who want to gaze without blinking at the spectacular views of the Elliott Bay while enjoying a fancy dinner. The upscale waterfront restaurant of Cutters Crabhouse offers the perfect taste of Seattle and is a paradise for seafood lovers, especially crab. Elevated by its sleek interiors and amazing location, Cutters Crabhouse is regarded as one of the landmark places and is one of the top Pike Place market restaurants. Make a reservation before visiting. 
Cuisines offered: Pacific Northwest, Seafood, Sushi
Cost for two: $75 (approximately)
Must haves: Crab stuffed Prawns, Calamari Piccata with Gnocchi
Address: 2001 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

7. Bacco Cafe, Seattle WA

Image Souce: Yelp.com

So you missed out on your breakfast and lunch seems too far away that you literally could hear your stomach pleading you for a Brunch to the rescue! And talking about brunch, arguably the best brunch place in Pike Place market is Bacco Cafe. Carrying a list of dishes made out of the fusion of the Pacific Northwest cuisine with modern day tweaks, Bacco Cafe is a refreshing palette. Iced with great service and wonderful food, Bacco Cafe is one of the best Pike Place market restaurants. 
Cuisines offered: Pacific Northwest, Cafe
Cost for two: $30 (approximately)
Must haves: Dungeons Crab Eggs Benedict, Dungeons Crab Sandwich
Address: Inn At The Market, 86 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101

8. Piroshky Piroshky, Seattle WA

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The Americans and the Russians are at odds with each other but all the odds fall apart when it comes to food. Welcome to the mouth-wateringly famous Russian Bakery of Piroshky Piroshky. Made with a blend of the local cuisine along with the traditional Russian recipe, Piroshky Piroshky brings out the best of both worlds. If you have a sweet tooth and couldn't resist the sight of desserts and savories, then a trip to Piroshky Piroshky is highly recommended. Falling in love with Russia is inevitable now!
Cuisines offered: Russian, Bakery
Cost for two: $15 (approximately)
Must haves: Smoked Salmon Pate, Chicken-Mushroom-Rice Piroshky
Address: Pike Place Market, 1908 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101

9. Radiator Whiskey, Seattle WA

Image Souce: Yelp.com

Beginning with the name to the location and to the interiors, Radiator Whiskey has got everything right and the place has a rustic charm to it that will take you back in time. Fueled by its uniquely, attractive cocktails which are not be missed on your visit, Radiator Whiskey is set at the heart of Pike Place market. Boasting of an open-kitchen, the brewpub of Radiator Whiskey is an excellent place to get creative and unleash your culinary skills. Radiator Whiskey reverberates with a family vibe that makes it one of the popular place to visit with family.
Cuisines offered: American
Cost for two: $45 (approximately)
Must haves: Tots, Smoked Pork Head, Fried Pork Shank 
Address: Pike Place Market, 94 Pike Street Suite 30, WA 98101

10. Japonessa, Seattle WA

Image Souce: Yelp.com

Japonessa is a sushi cocina in Pike Place market with a Latin twist. Designed decently, the fanciful Japanese creations inside Japonessa sprinkled with the flavor of Latin America excites the visitors, keeping them glued to their seats. For people who haven't had the zest for sushi, Japonessa will come in as a wonderful spot and the warm staff just add to the excellent experience of the place. Try visiting Japonessa during happy hours for excellent discounts and do reserve a table in advance before visiting
Cuisines offered: Sushi, Japanese, Latin American
Cost for two: $50 (approximately)
Must haves: Calamari, Tempura Plate, Tempura Brie
Address: 1400 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

11. Biscuit Bitch, Seattle WA

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Ah, What a lovely name! Jokes apart Guys, that is one amazing name and guess what, even the dishes rhyme with Bitch. So full marks for creativity. While the name sounds fancy, the quality of food Biscuit Bitch offers is totally in contrast as it revolves around homemade fillings. As you walk into Biscuit Bitch you could feel the passionate vibes refreshing your senses. Staffs are super fun and friendly who will make you feel that Biscuit Bitch is not just a restaurant but a family. 
Cuisines offered: Southern
Cost for two: $25 (approximately)
Must haves: Hot Mess Bitch, Easy Bitch
Address: 1909 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

12. El Borracho, Seattle WA

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Mexicans are popularly known for their street food and El Borracho brings the authentic street food of Mexico to Seattle with its restaurant at Pike Place market. Offering a complete menu that has equal options for vegetarian eaters as of a non-vegetarian eater, El Borracho fits the bill for a perfect food spot. Most of all, what steals the show in El Borracho are their house infused margaritas that will come in as a surprise to your taste buds. 
Cuisines offered: Mexican
Cost for two: $30 (approximately)
Must haves: Margaritas, Vegan Nachos
Address: Pike Place Market, 1521 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
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