11 Places in India With Funny Names

By Priya Sanyal on Jan 27, 2016
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Laughter is indeed the best medicine! And in India, we don't even need to look beyond a map of the country, to find it. Here's a list of places in India with names so hilarious, they will surely leave any Indian in splits.

1. Bhainsa, Uttar Pradesh

Image source: indiarailinfo

This sure seems to be a favourite with buffalos!

2. Gadha, Madhya Pradesh

And, this would be where all the donkeys head to.

3. Kutta, Karnataka

Why should dogs be left out?

4. Suar, Uttar Pradesh

India sure seems to be a bit too animal friendly. Don't you think so?

5. Kala Bakra

Image source: indiarailinfo

Animal-friendly, yes! But, a tad bit inclined to a very color-specific goat.

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6. Daru, Jharkhand

Wonder if this is every alcoholic's paradise?

7. Panauti, Uttar Pradesh

For all those who consider themselves unlucky; luckily there's a place dedicated just for you!

8. Lailunga, Chhatisgarh

Taking Manoj Bajpayee's character in 'Gang Of Wasseypur' a bit too serious here.


9. Singapur, Odisha

Image source: indiarailinfo

Why spend so much money to visit Singapore, when it's just a train ride away.

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10. Tatti Khana, Telangana

Right on point with Modi's sanitation drive, this one.

11. Chutiya/Chutia, Madhya Pradesh/Assam, Jharkhand


This one sure seems to be a favourite with Indians!

Guess that will be enough of a dose for the day. Hopefully India continues to amaze us in such wonderful ways!

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